Need some help please

First off, I have been playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 since 2000, and started playing the other SF games shortly after B4. I am under the complete understanding that Capcom fighting games are the most skillful of all fighting games.

I’ve been having somewhat of a debate with a friend of mine about the difference in skill level between Capcom fighting games (specifically MvC2), and Super Smash Bros. I told him that I remember a friend of mine telling me that at EVO 2004 or 2005 a good Japanese SF player only played Smash for a few weeks, and got top 8. I told my friend that would never happen in a SF game, let alone MvC2 (the most complex, and skillful of the Capcom fighting games IMHO).

So, I need a top 8 list of all the EVO’s if someone has that info stored somewhere. It would help in proving the utter retardation of Smash being spoken in the same sentence as a Capcom fighting game.

BTW, I have a $20 bet with him tomorrow over the two game (Smash and MvC2). We will play each game 25 times, and the person with the least amount of losses will owe the other person $20. If there is a tie (both 25-0), then we will have judges to say who had the most amount of dominating wins. There is also a side bet about my ability to take at least half of his life more times than he will be able to kill at least one of my characters. I will be playing Cable/Sent/CC.

Any added responses as to the hilarity of this situation are also welcome. :woot:

smash is garbage

marvel…complex? the consensus i got from good players was that its just RTSD

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wrong, they are sissy games, their time passed a long time ago, still compared to the trash of smash you are right( in smash you only need like a week or 2 if you arent to skillfull to get good at it) but right now there are more complex games in the market, GG for example is far beyond in complexity in mechanics and gameplay

here we go… :shake:

I sense a forest getting burned from this thread…

VF5? :confused:

alright dude

puts capcom games and im gonna take a huge guess and say GG as well to shame as far as complexity goes.

It’s hard to believe they even have a Smash Bros. tournament. Probably abotu as cool as the international rock paper scissors tournament.

The IRPS community bans rock and scissors from tournament play because there’s too much randomness built into the game for SERIOUS play


Didn’t something like this happen in 3rd strike?

Dude who spent a few weeks learning Yun combos placed really high at Evo.

but as for what’s more “complex”, it’s really dumb to even try to compare.

Different strokes… etc.

you dunnit

Yet no EVO info help?

And GG is a very complex game, but I remember this web site being called something like Sho-Ryu-Ken…

I dunno, maybe it’s just me. :wink:

Lastly, I honestly don’t really give a terd about video games right now. I am a professional Fighter, and I can guarantee you there is more complexity in the dynamics of MMA than ANY video game. Just thought I’d share the ridiculousness of Smash, where I thought it would be appreciated. ANYWAYS…any EVO info would help…

GG is not all that complicated. You just have to learn a billion different combos for every char in the game. It’s just a different system compared to the ones everyone is used to playing.

You gun dun open a can of huge fucking worms.


I’ll say one thing though, popularity is not inherently connected with complexity/depth. (Obviously.)

Red Tri: Dudes will have their hackles up just because the whole topic is very flamebait. To me it just sounds like a good time with a few of your buddies, haha.

It sounds like you’re pretty experienced with Marvel, and I’m assuming your friend is likewise practiced in Smash. Assuming you’re both novices at the other game, I would not be surprised to see a 25-0 blowout both ways. I think SF makes a better competitive game too, but don’t underestimate the depth (or fun!) of Smash.

For the record, there was no official Smash tourney at Evo 2004 or 2005. I have no clue about whether or not there were any side tourneys or casuals, but I can almost guarantee you that the turnout of high-caliber competition would have been extremely limited for something like this.

You miiight be referring to Final Round in March. There was a Brawl tournament where Justin Wong took 2nd, even though he was relatively new to the game. He jotted down his thoughts about it here. Before you blame Smash entirely for the result though, keep in mind that this guy is inhumanly good at both learning new games quickly and exposing weaknesses in his opponents; very few people on the planet could hope to repeat this kind of performance.

This is a well-respected SRK poster’s fair opinion on a Smash tourney, if you’re interested.

Whatever! I’ll MM you IRL, FT10, no infinites. :bgrin:

and if i remember well this is a fighting game community

you are confiusing GG with mvc2

Thank you very much for the info, and friendly banter. :slight_smile:

Even though I’d have to agree that Justin is truly just a gifted game player, he still kinda proved one of my points I was trying to make to my friend. Which was that if a top SF player like Justin Wong were to play Smash for a few months he would probably get top 8. While the same could not be said about a top player from Smash trying to get top 8 at a SF game (MvC2 in particular).