Need some help regarding Juri and my gameplan with the character as a whole

I am a Juri player with so and so skill with the game, I only got the game for this character (DONT ASK WHY) and I wish to know the answers to a few questions.
As this is the only character I want to take to the highest, I have searched the internet and only a few my questions are answered.
Unfortunately I am running into a few issues with my game still.

Combo know how
AA game is okay
Defense is medium
Match ups are not terrible

My pressure is bad against good players.
Falls for wake up DPs (when i call them out)
Grab game needs work
AA needs improvement
MEATIES!!! Are my worst
Anti Meaties
Jump ins punishes but cant link into combo punishes
Lack of universal punishing
Meaties again
wake up options needs work

I would like to know which attacks and which characters are her meaties good for, bad for, risky for.
Im realizing I cant meaty certain wake up attacks/reversals, is there a reason why?
Is there a way behind it?
Also how do people grab me out of a cross up?
How can I keep my pressure with all FSE charged?
How can I stop myself from doing jump ins at times?
Can I trust dashing?
What are her most universal punishes?

I would appreiciate it if i were to have some help in this field.

This not only tells me the SFV game is bad.
But the community is just laughably dreadful.
This is just really sad, an entire month goes by and a noob asks a question and 0 fucks given.
Way to show others that the FGC is worth a damn.
Way to prove that when someone new to SF needs help gets squat.
At the heart of the “FGC” of all places SFV if not the community surrounding it is a joke.

I would have given a reply but I would only be sharing most likely bad habits and possibly bad advice :frowning:

I tend to hover around the main thread and video threads and piece together what I can. Most folk round here are helpful and good for a laugh.
Thing is I feel a lot of Juri players are in the same boat, not really sure on what is legit strategy and what seems to work right now.

Take everything I say with a hefty dose of salt:

-My pressure is bad against good players-
You’re safe specials are Store and lk release. Good news is HK release can be cancelled into from just about anything and LK release used to make that safe.
Store can be used as a mid combo move or as a blockstring ender, axekick into store is nice. If blocked you get a store, if hit, confirm into ex release and a dash meaty etc.

LK pinwheel is -3 (so safe against pretty much everyone but a shoryuken loving jerk) BUT beware when against someone crouching (-8)
I tend to use LK pinwheel a lot because I use it to close the gap within a certain range where being even -8 is relatively safe due to pushback etc.

I also use lp,lp,lk xx lk pinwheel a lot for hitconfirms and if blocked standing is usually the perfect spacing for a sneaky HK release etc. Unsafe as a blockstring but y’know.

-Falls for wake up DPs (when i call them out)-
Not sure how to help here.

-Grab game needs work-
Use your LK release more, use it to close the gap and set up throws or throw baits. C

-AA needs improvement-
Standing HP is your friend. cr.HP in V-Trigger. I struggle with using mk DP but if you’re comfortable with the input then it’s upper invincible and probably your best bet.
In my experience airthrow is your best option against Ryus jumping lk and a lot of nashes stuff. Jumping lk can also stuff a lot of stuff air to air.
-MEATIES!!! Are my worst-**
Not really sure I can help. I have meaty setups but I’m positive they are not optimal or even practical. After ex release depending on recovery it can be anything from dash up mp, dash up HP or a delayed axekick.

-Anti Meaties-
If you see it coming, ex DP. Like Ryus solar plexus thing, DP the hell out of it. Otherwise I tend to be patient and wait it out and look for a pattern. I also could be giving the worst advice ever there as a true meaty would beat ex DP afaik

-Jump ins-
lk, mk both crossup, her jumping mp xx hk air target I’ve had some success with againt Ryu in particular, the angke seems good for stuffing jab anti air and I’ve caught a parry or two due to it hitting twice. I’d probably say don’t jump is your best bet. Use your LK release instead and approach that way. punishes but cant link into combo punishes-,cr.lp xxx hk release (or ex release)

Things I found helped:
Use V-Trigger to make things safe, not to lengthen scaled combos.
Don’t save for CA, the extra damage and meaty opportunities from ex release are a better trade off.
Don’t focus on storing over pressure. Get your stores from pressure and work from there… Concentrate on lk store first, then hk and finally mk if you have both and haven’t spent them on confirms or fireball pressure. What I mean is backing up and storing is a waste of energy and spacing, better off getting stores from regular play

I’m sure others would be way better equipped to help.

Like Danonino said, others could provide better help but here are my two cents

Her 3f st.lp is quite useful for pressure, AA and on wake up(use wisely against meaty happy players).

-My pressure is bad against good players-, Grab game needs work

Apply pressure in close range with the string lp,mp, lk fuha store/lk fuha release for folks who like to block. It can be faux loop until the player wises up. When a player starts to block all hits of the string, don’t finish the string mix in the throws. ie lp, thow or lp, mp, throw. If players start to tech the throw, you start a shimmy game. ie walk back after st. lp then and combo of your choice.

lp, mp, lk fuha release can be abuse if they don’t press buttons or reversals(dp, Urien headbutt). Try jump in/cross-up if they start pressing buttons/dashing back. Usually I walk forward after a blocked lk fuha release because Juri has fast walk speed as oppose to dashing in. Walking behind the projectile, you can jab AA, st. hk AA, mk pinwheel AA or just block on reaction.

I think it is important that only certain knockdowns give you optimal/higher percent meaty conditions. or even st.lp can be used for quick rise. for back rise.

knockdowns that ended with HK fuha release is more optimal meaty conditions than Mk fuha
Mk pinwheel knockdown more optimal than Hk pinwheel and ex. pinwheel
sweep is not optimal, maybe crush counter sweep, I just get stores when cc sweep hits.
throws not optimal

Hit confirming from her to combos helps a lot. There are days were my hit confirms are terrible I end losing a lot.

The forum is pretty silent because there are social media groups now that people like to use rather than SRK. Fewer people come here in general nowadays to even talk about fighting games.

So, if you use that to gauge if the game is bad then, I don’t quite follow the logic. The game is as bad as you think it is.

Coming back, calling people names, and throwing a bit of a tantrum doesn’t really do much. Were you waiting entirely on this thread to improve your skill at the game?

With how general your comments are you’d have been better off going into the general forums to ask for help. Or just google some of the good tutorials for new players that are all over youtube. there is more info than ever in that regard.

Just how you posed your problems you sort of answer your own question.

My pressure is bad against good players.
-So keep playing them and figure out what they are doing to stop your pressure. Are they jabbing? then learn to frame trap. Are they blocking, learn to throw, are they teching your throw, learn to shimmy. etc. Just typing this out gives us no information to help you that is tangible.

Falls for wake up DPs (when i call them out)
-You answer yourself again here. So block them if you’ve called them out. Why are you pushing buttons when you think the DP is coming.

Grab game needs work
**- incredibly generic problem. Learn to shimmy, learn to tic throw. There is really no other way to improve a throw game. its either throw them, or fake the throw and punish them. This comes down to reading your opponent as being prone to tech when you walk close, or not. No one can teach you that.
AA needs improvement
- go into training mode, set the dummy to jump at you with whatever button you want, and find some anti airs. An easy way to learn some AA’s is set the computer to your character, set it to hard difficulty, and jump at it. See what it chooses to AA you.

MEATIES!!! Are my worst
- then learn some meaties! Set the dummy to wakeup and set it to various ways it can wakeup. Then figure out what buttons counter hit the dummy when it wakes up.

So don’t go saying we are bad people for ignoring your post when you basically had the power to answer all your own questions with a little thought and effort.

If you want some higher level critiq, you’ll need to post some video. Just saying your throw game is weak doesn’t really illustrate your problem effectively.

If you want to find meatie’s and AA’s rather than learn some on your own, there are other threads right now with all that information in them. There is a search function on this site and the video threads are there for a reason.