Need some help setting up

Hi, Basically i’m currently trying to setup one of the Street Fighter X Tekken madcatz Fightpads so that I can use it on my computer, but unfortunately it is claiming that there are no drivers for it. I’ve searched every inch of google for and answer with no success, so I was wondering if anybody had suggestions or a solution?

First off, do you have the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of the Street Fighter X Tekken madcatz Fightpad?
Second, What PC operating system do you have? Example: Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac Os x 10.6, Ubuntu, and so on.
How are you trying to install your game pad?

I’m using the Xbox 360 version, Running on Windows 7 and have already tried what the Microsoft website recommends, I have downloaded the Microsoft Xbox 360 files that most sites are recommending but that has not seemed to show any signs of working or helping as the controller still has no driver when I scan for it.

Make sure you grab the correct version. Get the version of the drivers for your OS and bit size.
If you have a 32 bit OS get the 32 bit version, if you have the 64 bit version of windows get the 64 bit drivers.

Already done, thats the problem, it still does not register. I’m using 64 bit and am certain it is correct, so I dont understand the issue

But do you have the 64 bit version of Windows 7 installed or the 32 Bit version?
Right Clicking My Computer on your desktop and clicking on Properties would show you your bit size.

Checked already, 64 bit was downloading the right one still no difference

Try different usb ports, namely the main chipset ports on the back if you’re trying the front panel.

I would imagine it just uses a pcb that would register as a normal 360 controller.