Need some help, want a Japanese joystick with a Happ feel

Hi guys, I am trying to decide the best way to go about building the perfect stick for my tastes. I like Japanese sticks for their precision and not suffering from actuator rebound. However, I don’t like either the size or the looseness of them particularly. I have larger hands, and am overall a big guy. I used to weight lift, and am 6’ 5". (Think Rampage Jackson, but a nerdy IT major and gamer.)The reason I say this is because I have been struggling with accuracy on my Seimitsu LS32, its not an execution issue as I am a long time 3S player. It’s the lack of tension and grippable surface area.

I already installed a LL bat top, though they are pretty dainty too. I like Happs because the actual sticks are larger and they have larger bat tops. I want a Japanese stick with a feel like this. It seems both the LS-56 and JLW-UM-8 could fit the bill. The problem is that I would have no idea how to go about getting the JLW into my Hori. This is my HRAP EX-SE (full Seimitsu).

Now I know that I would need the MS plate on the LS-56 in order to install it, however the stock LS32 plate differs greatly from the JLW mounting plate, so I am not sure that I could install that one without a custom plate. Customizing is fairly new to me, aside from top and restrictor gate changes. I like the UM the best as I think it would be closest to what I’m wanting, but how would I go about installing it?

Also, about the LS-56, would any owners out there say it feels like a Happ stick as far as tension? I have heard conflicting statements. Some say it is stiffer, some say it is lighter in feel. I just feel the tension and surface area of the Happ allows me to play much better. I feel like I can’t grip these darn Japanese joysticks. I’m just not as precise as I am on Happ. I miss hit confirms sometimes just due to this.

In a perfect world I would buy a Happ stick for 360 or install the Happ joystick in my HRAP. I’d rather try to work with what I have now, and would rather avoid drilling into or gutting my HRAP to fit the Happ joystick.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Maybe try a shaft extender?

And a fresh spring, too.

Or install LS-56, I guess.

JLW-UM-8 will fit in your HRAP EX-SE and has a circle gate for it as well. The JLW is stiffer but not as stiff as the Happ/IL joysticks.