Need some help wiring a 360 TE to a PS360+, plus a few other questions

First, here’s a picture of what I’m looking at.

The problem is, If I’m going along with the video on youtube (, the wire order is different for me. His red wire is on the left, while mine is on the right. So I’m not sure if I should follow by color, or order of the wires. Any suggestions?

Also, I’m installing the RJ-45 jack to use a Playstation cable, but is there anywhere else I can put it besides removing the back button? Because I’m not sure how to wire up the guide button to act as the back button as well.

Thanks for the help!

If I were you i’d just drill another hole for the RJ45 pass through. I’d put it right inside where the cable bay is. Anywhere in there would work. I would recommend putting it sideways or spaced properly from the edges so you can still unlatch. For the cables, you should be able to look at the board and see what each cable does based on its label.

You can also put an RJ45 keystone jack in the cable compartment. It won’t be the prettiest looking thing, but it’s functional and will mean only one cable leaving the joystick. Remove the USB cable, plug the RJ45 cable to the PS360+, pull the other end into the cable compartment, punch down wires into the keystone jack. From there, you can crimp your own USB->RJ45 or PSX->RJ45 cables, or buy a premade one at or Trading Outlet here.