Need some help wit the comic i'm designing

-ok does anyone know of any tutorials online about self publishing.

-also what are u opinions about deaths in a kids/teen comic…i really wanna make a kids/teen appropriate comic…i personally believe comics have become too adult and have lost their fun. so my comic wouldn’t have straight up rape and shit…but im trying to decide if deaths are ok if their justified. ie.martyr trying to save his town dies in the process.

  1. Little link for you.

  2. Deaths are awesome. Especially if they’re horribly uncomfortable. And it’s fine in kids fiction. You’ve seen Bambi, right?

disney deaths are super justifiable because animal kingdom death is normal. death isnt as normal in a kids life. not generally.

gonna check the link in a sec. thanks for it.

  1. I’ve heard good things about Ka-Blam when it comes to self-publishing.

  2. If you’re trying to make an all-ages comic, I think the most important thing in depicting deaths is that you don’t glorify any violence. There are ways to handle deaths and death scenes without being heavy-handed. The last thing you need is a librarian or school teacher getting shocked that a comic aimed at kids handles such subject matter in an immature manner.

  3. I can’t wait to see what sort of sage advice Adam Warlock will offer.

well i’m curious cuz we all know animes and mangas like bleach and naruto are all about death and kids love that shit. am i being over protective in thinking what kids can handle…or should handle. i know kids are alot smarter now…so things that mighta been too adult for our gen as kids might not be now…though…i dont count…i saw my first porn at 6 years old…god bless hbo.

I haven’t read Bleach or Naruto so I can’t really comment on how those comics handle death. But I know quite a few kids who are about 10-11 years old who love Naruto. That sounds like about the right age when kids start reading and watching stuff that’s more violent.

I didn’t know what age group you meant in the first post when you just said “kids,” so I envisioned 7 year olds. I still think it’s okay to have deaths in comics aimed all all ages, just so long as you don’t glorify the violence or draw gratuitous details. Like, you can have big explosions, probably, as long as it’s really obvious your story is a fantasy and has no bearing in real life. Drawing terrorist planes crashing into skyscrapers is probably crossing a line when it comes to really little kids.

Also, I don’t think kids are smarter today than we were when we were kids. I work at public elementary schools and I strongly believe that kids today aren’t smarter - but parents today are certainly a lot dumber.

i deal wit kids daily through tkd school and the conversations they have arent super mature just alot more mature than the conversations i remember having.

i started reading comics at 6, so its really an iffy what i wanna gear it towards…i mean theirs not gonna be nudity or nuthin. all i know is this is the type of story i woulda wanted to read as a kid. so basically thats my bearing in mind when i write this…what did i like as a kid and what drew me towards it. i loved manga as a kid…and basically was fucking facinated by 8…all my first mangas were pure japanese and i was mesmorized purely on the art itsef. i got shaman king in japanese and a spider man book in japanese…i didnt get my hands on a english manga til sailor moon got licensed. used to read dbz bootlegged online before it got licensed in 6th grade.

so i think i know whats ok now. now that i’ve really sat and thought about what i read through my life.