Need some help with a diagram

Sorry to double post this if this topic has been covered countless times I’m sure, but I was wondering if their was a picture diagram of how to wire up an MC Cthulu, Imp, and a Pad hack controller for 360 on a PS3 version TE stick. The one thread I found most useful was as if you were building your own custom stick.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

that thread has just about everything you need… theres a signal diagram for the pad hack… your MC has a printout of the signal layout… the imp is posted on the Cthulu/ Chimp thread Toodles has going… if you need the layout of the V2 imp its here

as long as you wire up the pcb’s the way its explained in the thread you posted it will work… its your call how you want the mod to look… theres no real set way to place the pcb’s in your stick… its up to the modder to do that… as long as it fits in there your good to go…