Need some help with Asus VH236H "Evo Standard" Monitor!

Salutations!<br><br>I was thinking about buying an <a href=“”>Asus VH236H monitor</a>, the type they use in Evolution tournaments and I needed some help with a couple of things.<br><br>#1 - If I were to buy this, what would I need to buy for my Xbox 360 in order to be able to run it?  What type of cable would be needed in order to hook up to the monitor?<br><br>#2 - Are there any type of headphones that could be hooked directly into the monitor so that I can hear the sound directly through them and not have to rely on the speakers?<br><br>#3 - Let’s say I want to record my game play to put it online via YouTube, what device is good for doing that on this monitor (Also, would the same device be able to stream?)?<br><br>#4 - Let’s say I want to use this monitor for my computer and gaming at the very same time, is there any device that would freely let me switch between input devices for this?  <div><br></div><div>#5 - What does it run for Evo?  I know the monitor gets up to 1080p, but do they actually run it at that high of a resolution at tournaments?<br><br>Thanks in advance!</div>

1> You have the option of using HDMI or VGA on the 360. The VGA connection is not faster or better than the hdmi so I would only use the VGA if you have an older 360 that doesn’t have HDMI.<div>2> Not that I can tell. It has SPDIF out, which comes from the HDMI input. There are a few headphones that have a receiver module that can take SPDIF input, but I don’t know the models off hand.</div><div>3 & 4> Well if you want to do that you should get an HDMI Recording card for the computer and you can use that to record 360 on your PC in HD. Then you can also just use fraps or something similar to record PC gaming.</div><div>5> The system the game being played on determines the resolution the display uses. Or rather how the system is configured determines what res the display uses. Also most games run at 720p on PS3 and 360.</div>

Thanks dude, I appreciate it.

There’s an audio jack on the back<br>

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<div class=“QuoteText”>There’s an audio jack on the back<br></div>

That’s an input.  Yes, pretty silly that neither the 360 or monitor has any sort of headphone output, you’d need a powered headphone set to accept spdif.<br><br>1080p is the native resolution, so you should just set your 360 to that, it scales any output to 1080p.<br><br>If you want to use it for computer and gaming, use hdmi for 360 and dvi for PC.  HDMI cables:<br><br>You have several capture card options, but some of them will be component-only, so you’ll need an hdmi model.<br>

People are giving him wrong information, there is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack in the back on the monitor. Its the black port.<br><br><img src=“”><br>

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<div class=“QuoteText”>People are giving him wrong information, there is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack in the back on the monitor. Its the black port.<br><br><img src=“”><br></div>

Good catch, I missed that<br>

You guys have all been too helpful! =D I’m going to definitely buy this and all of my worries have been solved!