Need some help with buffering

well. It is just a basic and simple question. I have tried it but can’t pull it off. How do you guys link the into the DANCE REMIX or 2-in-1 his into DANCE REMIX(hcbx2+KICK)?:confused:


When we do the dance remix thing, should we hold the mp until we finish the dance remix or we just release it after we finish the half foward quarter motion? Cuz if we release it, the move will always end up with his hcb+p. And if you hold it, it mightn’t be very convenient to press the KICK as you are about to finish the notation of the hcb. Anyway here are the combos.

Cross-up m.k or down+mk,, cr.lp, cr.lp, xx dance remix.
Jump-in hk or hp, s.lp, xx dance remix.

The first one I found it impossible cuz it isn’t, instead it is and how can you cancel it into the dance remix? Besides, when there are more than two or three crouching hits, how can you cancel those hits(linking combos) into the dance remix? for example,,, into the dance remix?:o

Actually, yeah hold down the MP until the “dance remix”, or the Final Grade move is completed. That way, you don’t do that overhead special.

As for the C.LK x 2 into the C.MP, kinda tricky. Its like doing Nakoruru’s C.LK x 3 - C.HK - Bird Super. What you do is C.LK x 2. And after that, set the stick or pad to neutral and quickly do Foward, Down Forwad, Down + press and hold MP, Down Back, Back, Foward, Down Forward, Down, Down Back, Back + Kick.

Vic Viper, it was very nice of you to help me out. But I still have a question about cancelling the LK) or MP) into the Final Grade or Dance Remix. How can you do that?

Cancelling to that super from S.MP isn’t that hard. Just press and hold MP and quickly do the Final Grade. As for the S.LK one, it may not be done, since the opponent will recover quickly from the S.LK.

Possible Viper. I recommend you to download a combo vid from gamecombos’ RCQ or whatever…The vid was done a long time ago by the girl named Persona. You might or might not have it. But it is a good vid, you should see it.

Here is the combo in the vid:
Zangief crouches. Kyosyke does the cross-up mk /\, cr.lp, cr.lp, xx Final grade dance remix.

If you figure out how to do this combo, please let me know cuz I want some discussion about it.

Yeah, I saw that. Usually, I don’t choose Zangief as a target on training mode. And yeah, I just did S.LK to that.

BTW, did you know you could do S.J.HK - S.LP - S.HP - Final Grade for more damage? This is done even on standing Cammy, with no corner. A little hard to do. You just have to hit the S.J.HK at her head and hit S.LP and link the S.HP.

as for the s.hp into the final grade. Don’t you mean that we, firstly hit the s.hp button and then hold it and as we hold the hp, we do the final grade motion, which is hcbx2 and then release hp?

Yup, but after the motion, hit the kick button and then release HP.

OW! that means you gotta do the motion HCB very quickly. I found it really hard to do. Like Jame Chen said, while the normal move hits, you have less than half second to finish the super motion. I know there is no shortcut to do the standing move(normal move or linking move)and cancel it into the HCBx2 Button-Hits(the superfireball motion), so how many percent can you do this Vic?
I think I gotta practice more. It must be pretty eye-appealing when someone do this before you.

By the way, your FAQ is pretty well done and organized. When are you gonna update it? Cuz there is something missing in your FAQ and plus doesn’t have many combos. I like your FAQ but I hope you would have more things to add in it.

P.S Do you know that Iori’s can link into c.hp? The timing is very crucial. I think you might know this already, but you didn’t add it to your FAQ.

Yeah, its hard with any pad IMO. I could only do this with a joystick.

I’m thinking of updating the FAQ soon. Going to add a new Blanka combo I don’t think anyone heard of. Yeah, Blanka can link to weak attacks after a S.MP, as long as you don’t move the stick forward or back. Pretty hard to do, but possible. I’ll experiment with that Iori link you just mentioned.

The game has so many link combos.

Glad to hear it. It seems impossible for me to find all the linking combos and distinguish which one work and which one doesn’t. It has to rely on you to help all of us. :smiley:

hey im wondering if this will work havent got a chance to try it at the arcade.

incorner after knock down throw a lp fireball s. hp into dance remix or any other special,

p.s I never new that kyosukewas able to link into c.lp.

and what do you mean by stand HP into final grade?

His dance remix=final grade. It is possible, cuz it was done in the vid