Need some help with combo motions

I’m trying to learn standard combos for all the characters I use, so I won’t have to rely on pokes doing all the damage and what not.

Anyway, I have problems with moves that require you to combo from a crouching position. For example, I can do with Ryu crouching jab, crouching fierce hadouken (since when I let go of the fierce it counts as an input), but I have difficulty doing half circles from a crouching position. Like Kyo’s crouching strong into hcb+k. Am I supposed to return to neutral and then do the hcb motion, or can I do it by just rolling the motion from down to forward, and then the hcb?

Well, first off with Kyo, there’s no need to ever do d.MP xx hcb+K. All his other d.MP options do more damage. If I wanted to do it however, I would go…

lightly tap d+MP, neutral, hcb+K very quickly

The idea behind that is you only have so many frames where the d.MP is cancelable. That’s why you do everything fast. The reason for neutral is not only do you save time by not going to df, you avoid creating a move conflict with either Kyo’s qcf+MP or qcf+K move too.

I can’t think of any character in the game that you would possibly need to master technique this for. Maybe Eagle to do bnb combos with d.MP. Akuma to do super fireball combos (in that case, buffering your motion is easier anyway… hcb, f, df, d+MK, db, b+P). With A-groove Ken maybe (the d.MP, hcf+K corner juggle… but you have very loose canceling properties when you’re in CC mode anyway so it doesn’t matter).

Thanks. I’m actually trying to do it for Yuri since I can’t combo that well with her.

I have problems combo’ing with Kyo. I don’t know what strings I should use. Should I combo off of cr short or cr strong? Because I can never seem to combo with qcf+p afterwards. Lack of execution, probably.

f, df, d+attack, db, b+attack is prolly the easiest way to do it.

Like with geese, you do you jab/short, then do f, df, d+HP, db, b+LK to do ducking fierce into short jaineken thingy.

that almost never works, just try to do it, ull get it down eventually, coz his shit wont happen in a match, thats for sure :slight_smile:

as long as were on this topic, i got a prob too… why with cammy when i try to into qcfx2+k i always get spiral arrow :mad:

plus, with blanka, when i try xx super punch super it doesnt work, i get this lame back charge, forward+k thingy :mad:

do i need to be faster? tap it lighter?

Accidental moves in combos (Doom)

You need to hold down the button. You are getting the negative edge. This happens when you release the button. So your motions are like this: (Note that “Forward” refers to the kick button)

Steps in Blanka c.forward xx super

  1. Charge Down-Back,
  2. c.Forward,
  3. Towards+(Release c.Forward),
  4. Back,
  5. Towards+(Punch)

Ok, so that’s what’s happening for the blanka c.forward xx super motion. As you you press Towards (in step 3) the negative edge of the c.Forward press is registered as an input and the b/f+kick move comes out. The easiest way to avoid this is by holding the button down, thus preventing the negative edge input of the “Forward” button.

HC motions in combos

doing the normal move in the middle of the hcf motion is not a very good thing to do, you can only do this if you know the move is going to connect (for example to punish a wiffed dragon, blocked super, etc), with the example of eagle, c.jab, c.jab, c.fierce, hcf+forward this method would not work anyway. (well, that’s not entirely true, it just complicates the motion, as you have to worry about part of the motion (from Down -> Back -> Down+Fierce) AND the link timing at the same time, not to mention the actual speed in doing it isnt that much different as cancelling the fierce and doing that part of the motion…)

When I do the above eagle combo I dont think about going through neutral, but rather “just under it”. The stick isnt touching the outside as I go to Back from Down - its a lil bit off, i try to bring it in a straight line from Down to Back… but I definately dont think Neutral as a “step” in the motion… I think this just complicates things - making the motion longer that it should, and adding another point in the mental picture of the motion.

For me learning this was more of a mental block than an execution block, if you cant wrap your mind around what you are doing than your hands wont be able to make it work.