Need some help with his air-non-airborne combo

can you recall the vid done by SAI named sai-rec divx(352-240). There is a combo which is really tricky. I have tried it, but sadly it didn’t work. The combo is done as follow:

Have your character standing(The character SAI chose is RYU) and have Kyosuke jump up. When Kyosuke is at the top of his jump, do mk, hp, hk / df+hk and start the damn infinite. However, I found it impossible to land those four hit air combo on your opponent without your opponent being airborne. No matter how many times or hard I tried, it just didn’t link or work at all. I wish some one could help me out. Thanks!

damn he really did that combo without nailing that f/d+hk. He just did that air combo straight down after a super-jump. I guess he might have used cheat or som’thin. But if he really did. That would really become a sucking video. However, I don’t think he really did.

So wait…

Are you talking S-groove infinite? I don’t even know what it is, but it probably has to do with his lightening upper super and doing his air combo into it, Landing, doing it again. I don’t use S-Kyosuke, but I’m assume you meant to launch into that. I don’t think you’re thinking the combo right either.

how’s that S-groove infinite?

do you have a link of that combo, kenryuakuma?

I could give you a link, but wait, first you have to sign up for FILEPLANET. It is free. After you see the vid, you will know what I am talking about. Or you could go to videocombos to download it. It is located in the CvS section.

Do you mean

I’ve borrowed the same type of glitch to create those extended invincibility videos for cvs2. Released about a week ago on, called OhSeaV.

The basic premise is to start his air chain, whiff something(we’ll need to be landing the combo later), land, and start another jump, but still avoid neutral the whole time.

I’ve never tried it, but the glitch must exist when Kyosuke lands. He should have a “turn-around animation” that he can cancel into just about anything to extend the “air chain” switch.

To abuse the glitch, do: launch(d/f+hk), jump cancel, whiff a normal (possibly unnecessary), land on the OPPOSITE SIDE, immediately walk in any direction(just hold a direction before landing).
As long as you keep walking in the same direction(don’t crouch either), you can now immediately jump and begin an air chain. It should need to be a normal jump. You basically need to roll the stick from F, to U/F.
Remember, you cannot hit neutral on the stick unless your character is busy animating something.

the Sai-rec video is likely here also:

Combovideos did temporarily host the release, IIRC.


thanks You guys! I got it. My question was answered by Majesto and Sai-Rec themselves. If you go to that website, you might get a video as well as the hints on how to do this tricky combo. I think it is worthwhile to learn it because it is hardly ever known. Shine Ace is right. I esp thanks for all your helping. :clap: