Need some help with Kens Links

I need a little help with the c.lp c.lp link of kens.
Ive read all the details, I can hit my to link about 70 percent of the time.
but @#$Z( I cant up it past 60-70 percent.

I know, most likely, the only answer will end up being “more hours in the training room” : (
or plinking.

Any other tips ? X_x any other tricks anyone found?

sometimes I try and go just with my eyes closed, just to do it from muscle memory. and I imagine thats the best way to learn it, but if i close my eyes, I dont watch the confirmation count thts printed on screen saying how many hits my combo was.
sometimes Itry and watch kens fists animation, or the lightning flash on the health bar.

it comes down to memorizing the exact timing just by my fingers. what I would really like is a
sound file, like an mp3 that has the
TAP TAP TAP sound effect of the button inputs, something horribly accurate, so i could just listen to it while im not playing, ROFL, maybe if i can get it down in my mind, that will give me a little step up also X_x.

I go from 1 frame to fast to 1 frame too late and miss the combo about 1 in 4 times I try, 1 in 3 sometimes X_x.

Any other tips?

In this video you can here the timing of the hits very well:

read the stickies