Need some help with my hori fighting comannder 4

i’m on sfv on ps4 i want to set all 3 punchs and kicks to the left bumpers 1 and 2 but when i hit them while highlighting it in controller settings adn hitting those buttons they wont register?

Is your switch set to this?

it is what do i do?

Lemmie check on mine

That’s the default configuration for L1 and L2. What currently happens when you press those buttons?

Hit restore defaults… it should default back. Also if you hit the button that something is assigned to already it clears the button to -

yeah i got the switch how you do and i hit type a restore default but when i hit the 1 and 2 buttons on the elft side nothing happens? controllers working for sure

Those buttons working in other games?


all i want to do is have the left side bumpers work as all punch all kick or even the top two bumpers act as that

I am at a loss if they are working in other games. @Darksakul any ideas?

Maybe close application and restart ps4? Also unplug controller and plug back in?

FYI, when the switch is flipped to the other side and L1 and L2 become L3 and R3, they also don’t work.

Just curious, why do you want to do that? Isn’t easier to flip the switch and have PPP and KKK on the right shoulder of the controller? Your right hand will have access to all the buttons that way.

not for me for a friend

I don’t know, I took part my Hori FC4 fight pad for the PCB in a stick build.
So I can’t sit here with my own and try to replicate it.