Need some help with ps3 wifi

have an unusual problem here so i hope someone can help me out. i have verizon dsl and before i used to use a belkin wireless router for wifi and it was fine but recently my brother moved back in and he’s hearing impaired so he uses a sorenson video phone. the phone is hooked up to the comp and verizon modem by a sorenson vrs router. because of this damn phone i had to stop using my belkin wireless thus losing my wifi. what can i do to get wifi back? could i just put another wireless router in my room and hook it up to the ps3? could i just hook an ethernet cable from the ps3 to a slot in the sorenson router(there’s only one slot left)? also i have some friends that live in the floor above me and when i’m on my laptop i usually just use their wifi signal so would it be possible if i could just get a wireless router,hook it up to my ps3 and just use their signal for playing online? that way i just wouldn’t even have to worry about this phone crap? sorry for the questions but obviously i’m kind of a noob to this kind of stuff. hope u guys can help and pls be as detailed as possible. thx.

borrow your neighbors?