Need some help with recording games

I wasnt quite sure where to post this so I figured this was the place…

So I want to start recording my games on kaillera and start uploading them on youtube. Can anyone point me into the direction of a good recorder and a program to compress the videos to a smaller size? Also I recorded some stuff offline using the built in recorder on mame and just 2 minutes of footage was 1.6gigs eeeek:amazed: is it possible to use the built in mame recorder to record videos online? Thanks for all the help and if no one can point me in the direction of a good recording program its fine because im sure I can find one of those my self but im having trouble finding a good video compression program… One last thing once I get this all up and running if youd like to play 3rd strike and want me to record and put the games up on youtube ill be glad to just send me a message or catch me on aim.

Once again thanks for all the help



Ughhhhhh… for the last couple hours I have tried Fraps, hypercam, the zd soft game recorder and a bunch of others…Im ready to give up on this its soooo frustrating… They all work fine and record but when im playing the game I get like 25 fps and its unplayable :(. My computer should be well enough to handle all of it…I gotta be doing something wrong… anyone have any idea?

try camtasia studio 5

Just tried camtasia… didnt work :frowning: … I really dont get it… ive messed with a million settings and nothing works

it works. I think you’re not doing something right. You have to use the screen recorder in the program. Ultimately what you want to do is record input during gameplay and use the program after to record the play back. Camtasia records with no lag during live gameplay.

don’t record while playing. only record the saved replay.