Need some help with Seth in Street fighter 4


okay well I happen to main gouken, and imo he doesn’t have a reliable wakeup option, and its hard for him to get out of rushdown situations.

so heres what happened, I was playing against a VERY good seth player, and well to put it bluntly… I push a button, I die…

he was constantly rushdowning me, and anytime I pushed CROUCHING LIGHT PUNCH just so I’d get out of what seemed like an endless block stream, I suddenly lose what seems like 40% of my health. Its like im playing against a computer, he does every single combo flawlessly, and if I just stay blocking all the time, he somehow knows when I intend to do that and just grabs me with his command grab. its like he could read my mind, and I rarely come across these players, but how the heck does one get out of a situation like that? I watch the pros play, and they never seem to get in that situation cause my guess is they are to scared to rush down on that level.

im stumped, I don’t know how to get out of situations like that, I press one button, I die. reminds me of playing Killer instinct back in the day against Eyedol


Upload a replay if you can. EX tatsu is a very good reversal but you have to be smart about since you hang in the air for entire aeons if you make the wrong decision.


Go to the Gouken match up thread, ask the guys there what are your options out of pressure. Also, you should learn which block strings seth players use that aren’t true block strings. Most importantly, you probably need to learn footsies so that you are not putting yourself in those situations. Go to the tutorial thread up top and look up the footsies section…