Need some help with using EX tatsu, please

I’m trying to figure out how to use the air EX tatsu more effectively. The only time it’s really been useful for me is for a surprise cross-up. Otherwise, whenever I use it in air-to-air, it gets stuffed! Am I not timing it right? My opponent was using Ryu, and he basically j. fierced every one of them. He even managed to knock me out of the air with an air tatsu (non-EX) of his own.

If he’s hitting you out with j.hp, then either you’re doing it too late in your jump, or he’s anticipating your move and guessing. If it’s the former, mix up your timing (or just do it less often); if it’s the latter, bait his early j.hp and punish at will when he lands since his trip guard will be gone.

people have told me it’s better for cornering people, don’t abuse it either ex hadou is easier to land, parrry and then use it bla bla bla…i don’t want to be talking shit and be an ass

By bait, you mean jump and then parry his attack? I’ve already figured it’s the latter, since I do throw the attack pretty early.

hmmm… better to throw out early than later, cuz ken actually has to spin before the kick hits. so you’ll improve your chances of hitting it the earlier you throw it, but then it has the risk of being seen coming from a mile away… so find your timing to make it safe as possible.

Your Ryu opponent may be hitting you while avoiding the tatsu’s hit boxes. like if he smacks you in the face while avoiding your spinning feet.

IDK about ken’s EX tatsu vs. ryu’s normal tatsu air to air. I’d have to assume its pretty random, since the character’s foot has to hit for the tatsu to do anything. I’d only say ken would probably win most the time only b/c he’s spinning faster in an ex-tatsu.

aw god i couldn’t post. maybe it’s a sign.

anywayz. ken is vunerable from the waist up. so ken has to be higher to hit the opp. so try superjumping and doing the ex tatsu early (you might get parried sometimes, but it’s better than getting stuffed everytime). i don’t believe ryu’s normal tatsu will beat ken’s ex one more than 1 outta 5 times. the only thing i can get to pretty constantly beat his ex tatsu is makotos j.HK.

you can try jumping straight up instead of uf and doing the ex tatsu it he keeps stuffing you. he’ll miss the jHK and you’ll hit him after. just to fuck with him.

My 2c

That’s one thing you could do, but if he’s already guessing when you’re going to jump, just wait it out. Eventually, he’ll throw out an early j.hp and then you can punish when he lands. By “bait” I meant do whatever you would normally do to make him think you’re going for jumping ex tatsu, which entices him to do an early j.hp.

Thanks for the feedback, everybody! Beat a tough Yun player today…With an EX tatsu! Yay for SRK gurus’ advice!