Need some help. Wrong ps2 converter came

Hi, I just ordered this: ebay link

What is pictured looks like the “Tim Static” adapter, the seller even uses the exact same image.

After waiting almost 2 weeks for it to come, I open the box and it looks nothing like the picture. Can anyone tell me if they’ve used this adapter - if so, is it worth keeping? Here’s some pictures.

The only way I know how to “test” (and I use that term lightly) is to open up the windows usb controller options and hit a bunch of buttons + rapidly press left or right on the directional pad to see if it “looks right”.

Also, is this RADIOSHACK adapter decent enough? (people used to write that the they either liked it or hated it from what I dug up in the searches) I’ve been using it for the longest time and would like to keep one or the other. Really appreciate any help.