need some help

hey, ive currently have an madcatz SF4 S.E fightstick and its starting to have problems. i have the 360 one and my Y button is unresponsive at the best of times so it makes focus attacks a problem, also my diagonal down right is out, as well as my diagonal up right. any ideas what the problem could be? and how can i sort it?

how long have you had it? and how often do you play? it might be time for some upgrades… :slight_smile:

opener up and take a picture and post it.

You could try a component swap, i.e. a new button, and a new stick or switches, but you’ll probably want to look and see if the problem with the stick is mechanical first.

ive never opened up the stick itself so im quite worried that i will break something even more than it already is. ill see what i can do, and hopefully post a pic. well in the meantime, what sites are there that have decent faqs about fixing them. and a site for stick parts. and to answer the question, ive had it since feburary