Need some help


Alright, so I’ve been playing SSFIVAE for a long time on the PS3, and I decided to get a fight stick. I’m getting a regular Hori V3. My question is, if I get the V3 (with a square gate), can I still pull of my chicken wings with Fei long? (He’s my main character). I don’t want to get an octagonal gate because I like the accuracy of a square gate.


Of course! In fact, it’s easier to feel the diagonals on a square gate, which makes motions like Chicken Wing’s, DP’s, and (old) Tiger Knee easier on square than octagon. It’ll still take some getting used to to learn stick though - the most important thing is that you stick with it and not try to go back to pad once you start the transition. If you alternate controllers for whatever reason, your inputs on both will suffer heavily and it will slow the learning curve.


Thanks man. My friends are using the Eagle Eye, and use the keyboard to fight. Is there any accuracy difference in the gameplay?


I only did a quick Google search, but I found a couple reports of that converter lagging, which could be a big deal for more technical combos and also hamper reaction speed. It’s really too bad that more companies don’t take advantage of the PS3 and 360’s native ability to support USB keyboards and allow binding buttons to a keyboard - the only real ways I know of to get an input lag free keyboard experience on a PS3 / 360 is to either mod the keyboard, or buy a Hitbox.

In terms of what’s possible… older versions of Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 had some “interesting” issues when pressing opposite directions simultaneously (notably, the ability to always maintain a charge by holding back and tapping forwards + attack in Marvel), but I’m pretty sure they’ve been fixed in the current revisions.


Hey AIr, I see your getting the Hori V3. If it’s the one that has no SA at the end of the title, don’t get it, its terrible. If you want to get a good stick, I recommend you look through the The Last Minute Arcade Stick Buying Guide:

Also Narcowski is right about the Keyboard thing, never use converters. Get a hitbox or keyboard style stick Keyboard arcade stick? I hope this helps.


There are some decent converters out there, especially for PS2 -> PS3 and PS2 -> 360, I’m just not aware of any which convert PC keyboard -> PS3 controller or PC keyboard -> 360 controller without adding latency.


Thanks. But TKD Hwoarang, I used a Hori at a friends house, and it wasn’t too bad. It was responsive, and while the buttons weren’t Sanwa quality, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad first stick to have. Is there any reason why the V3 is such a terrible stick? From most of the reviews I’ve read, it seems fine.


The parts are horrible, they’ll break down on you and it’s a bitch to mod. The buttons aren’t micro switch and I don’t know if the joystick is, if it is, probably really crappy. Don’t get anything under 70, because it won’t do a great job for you. If your on a budget, get the Madcatz SE or a used TE stick on


The V3 is fine for a beginner stick. If you want to improve the quality of your stick by buying a new stick or buttons, you could certainly do so at a later time, and it’s pretty easy to swap it out with basic tools proficiency.


You know how much time and money that takes right?


$30-$40 for a stick, $2 per button x 6 buttons. $42-$52? Which still makes it cheaper than purchasing a TE or Q4.

Time? An hour. Maybe an hour-and-a-half if you forgot which way to turn the fasteners.


Your forgetting tools…he’s talking about the regular V3 if you thought it was the SA. It takes hours to mod, a very high risk off damage if new to modding, and tools cost a lot if not already obtained.


$30-$40 for a stick? No way. Last time I purchased a new JLF it was $22 with any standard Sanwa balltop of my choice. Yeah, LizardLick Amusements died, but even still there’s no reason to pay more than $25 for a JLF + standard balltop. $2 per button is pretty accurate though.

Also yeah, modding the regular V3 involves soldering iirc. Still only like 20-25 minutes if you know how to solder, but…


Yeah…also some sanding/dremeling to make everything fit…


In that case, forego the basic Horis and go for the old HRAPS or Madcatz SE line, which are far easier to mod.


Well, I sorta already placed the order for the regular Hori V3. I’ll stick with it for now, but I’m getting a MadCatz TE next. I’m looking forward to pulling off FADC’s with more ease now. But I searched the interwebs, and most of the time, everyone’s been saying that it’s an easy stick to mod. The button holes are built for Sanwa buttons, and they built it specifically so that you could mod the stick.


Yeah, get the TE next or return the V3 then get it.


Yeah. Thanks for the help guys.