Need some help

“how do you do that shoulder change 4 times in the corner?”

Just kidding, tired of seeing 8 different threads about that =P

Ok, I’m having trouble with a Ken player that when I get knocked down, jumps in with a deep crossup. What can I do with this besides block? Most times I can roll out of the knock down, launch an AA sphere and chariot rush him until my arm goes numb from charge buffering (or until I get 6 hits…) But if I miss the roll I usually have to just block everything. Here’s a few things I’ve tried with no success

cr. hp - since it’s a cross, urien swings on the wrong side

headbutt/ex. headbutt - doesn’t seem to have the priority or doesn’t come out quick enough. Gets stuffed everytime.

Anyone got any advice?

I know between Rock, TB, Slimx etc you guys have got to have some mad urien wakeups… at least I hope you do.

Poke him. Strong Punch and Strong Kick will piss them off.
Even if they parry the Strong kick… they will be too far to do anything.
Keep charging back for the chariot rush. EX Chariot Rush can get them off and cancel to AEgis Reflector to mess up their style… if Aegis in the corner… you got even more choices =).

Ken users who like to stand and parry. Just poke their asses. Don’t bother trying to jump in.

Use Headbutt crossovers to confuse them.

Crossover knee drop should be done if possible… otherwise… parries kill you.

Last but not least… Buffer!
Kill Crush Crush Crush Aegis Reflector!!! Repeat

Please read the question if you’re going to answer someone.

To answer agentz question:

If the Ken is jumping in with a deep crossup, I’m assuming you’re not standing up until right when his kick is about to hit. AFAIK, Urien can’t do much about crossups like that. You can parry but it’s not very safe. Generally you have to block it.

Thanks Cylus, you told me what I was afraid I was going to hear =(

Hmmm, I’m going to mess around with try to CR out of it, not hitting ken, but just using the CR to get to safety. We shall see…

Again, AFAIK, Urien is pretty much forced into blocking. If Ken is doing his cross-up right, there is nothing Urien can do. All his moves come out too slow and don’t have dp invincibility. Plus it’s going to be hard to chariot rush during a cross-up, and even if you do, even the short version comes out too slow. He’ll also get smacked out of his roundhouse knee drop, again because of the start up.

The only thing I could think of that would work is a wake-up Tyrant slaughter, which, of course, I wouldn’t recommend using as a super to begin with.

If Ken is being really sloppy though and not hitting the cross-up as soon as you are off your back, you MIGHT be able to dash out of his cross up.

My suggestion to block remains, and just try to work yourself into a more favorable position.

You sir are correct. After trying multiple times to CR out of it, Urien got smacked %100 of the time. Oh well, guess sometimes you just have to block

waking up on ken’s crossup is no fun at all :frowning: i agree that blocking is pretty much safer than any other options.

but try
(1) c.MP: doesn’t hit but lowers yr hitbox and shifts u away.
(2) parry opposite direction :bluu: risky shit

no matter which option u choose, always charge downback for mis-timed jumps. also do not always quick rise. the more u farked up his timing the better.

i read about an faq
urien can deep jump in firece punch and c.firece punch

how is that possible?

and can someone define deep jumb in for me?

wut is peanut and butter combo~?:bluu:

Deep jump in means you hit them late enough so that you can continue the combo once you land on the ground next to them.

By “Peanut and butter” I think you mean “Bread and Butter” combo which means basically the combo the character uses most often.