Need some help.

So i’ve been interested in buying a 15th anniversary Street Fighter controller but I don’t know if I should. I’ve never been to a tournament so I wouldn’t know if controllers are used. I DO have an arcade stick but it’s not of the best quality. It’s a King of Fighters 2001 stick and the buttons and stick aren’t the easiest to use. Would anybody be able to help me fix these problems with it, otherwise I wasted $40 and I don’t have the money to buy an expensive new arcade stick. Any help would be appreaciated.

Unless it is a tourney at an actual arcade you will need a controller.

Sorry but you did just waste $40.

How much can you afford? I was able to get a Pelican Real Arcade off EBay and put all Happ parts in for about $45 total.

The SFAC controller is not regarded as a very good one. The most recommended one is the Sega Saturn PS2 pad which will cost you about as much as a good stick.

Best thing you can do is not buy cheap stuff which you will end up not liking. If you cannot afford a good stick, save up for one.

I can afford anything up to $50. I don’t have a job at the moment so money’s tight. What about putting new parts in the stick I already have? Is that a good idea, or no?

I would reccommend a Hori Fighting stick 2 for your money. Its not mod friendly but its a good enough value out the box and right now they run about a good 40 bucks. But if you want all real parts then I would go custom because HRAP’s are basically extict now outside ebay. If you cant wait until you are saved up then FS2 is your best option.

where can you get a HFS2 for 40 bucks? i found one on ebay before, but they slap you with a $55 dollar shipping fee.

the pelican real arcade is pretty good for its price. otherwise, just save up money and wait.


go to the play-asia website. they have HFS2 for 40 bucks. and another 25 for shipping. a little over your 50 buck limit, though.

The SF ani stick was made by nubytech.

The definition of Nubytech is: Buy this and you’ll be sorry.

I’m gonna beg my friend to let me borrow some money so I can buy the HFS2. To the people that posted: Thanks for the help.