Need some honest feedback about the Q4RAF before I buy it

Guys ive seen some posts about thsi stick but havent really seen some raw true feedback about it.

Im lookng for a stick that has dual console capability without a mod. This stick seems to fit what I need but id like to know what to expect coming from my Original SF4 TE Stick.

I know there is a Q4RAF post but the feedback in that post isnt as direct as im looking for.

Thanks in advance to all who reply!

I got mine last week and i love it. I do hear there have been some issues on xb360 in regards to the headset, but i hear thats more of an issues with the way the 360 works, and there is a fix for it.

Other than that i have had no issues i love the stick, it feels really solid. The USB cord is not as long as the one on a TE,but its not anything that would make it hard to play (like shitty gamecube cords). It also has a side compartment like the TE, but its on the left side, and its a bit bigger so its easier to fit the usb cord inside. The bottom of the stick is like a Swede (sp) material. I don’t mind it. After all its the bottom of the stick. The only issue i could see people having with the stick is the placement of the start button. It is to the right of the 8 buttons. I dont have a issue with this, but some people don’t like it.

If you have any other questions, please let me know

I own one and have not noticed any problems. Friends who have used/borrowed have not either. Have used it on all 3 systems (PC/PS3/Xbox360) with no issues. I like this stick a lot, and the built in handle is great.

Was also curious about this. Recently was seeing if there was any pre-dual modded sticks and this is the only one I found besides custom made ones and this is the only one I found. Btw, is this only in stock at playasia? I was hoping to get this (or whatever ps3 capitable stick I get) atleast a few weeks before evo so I’m sure I’m comfortable on it. I currently only own a xbox 360 TE.

Oh and the playasia delivery prices are brutal going to US =(

It’s also available @ They are taking Pre-Orders.

Going from a TE to the Q4RAF won’t be that big of a deal. They both use the same parts, Sanwa JLF and OBSF-30 buttons.

^also the layout is the same, except for the placement of the start button

Great! That definitely will aid in transition if I get it. I’m not an expert but they are both vewlix layout if I’m not mistaken, correct?

Hmm…I wonder how much shipping from focusattack will be when they get it in stock.

Thanks for the info guys.

They’re good with shipping, charges are fair and delivery is quick.

i was hoping to find some good feedback in this thread & i have…

my first arcade stick i get will be a Q4…

so i guess now its time to learn how to work with a Q4 template with gimp…

any hints where to start would be great…

I recently got my qanba Q4RAF and it is my favorite stick i own now. I also have 2 TE’s and 2 SE’s and i much rather the platform of the qanba. The only problem i have with it is the bad headset compatibility. If i want to chat i still have to break out the TE, but this isn’t a huge deal to me and I knew of the issue before i made my purchase. It’s all sanwa, and works fine for 360, ps3, and PC. In my opinion it is one of the best sticks available on the market.

Play-asia, Focus attack, and canadianjoysticks (i think that’s their name) all stock the Q4RAF. I ordered mine from play-asia. It was 129.99 plus about 60 dollars shipping and i used a $5 coupon code.

It does use the same layout as a TE as well. I find it taller than the TE, and i think it weighs a little more as well. I also enjoy that there are no screws on the top of the Qanba, it is a very comfortable stick to play on.

I’m not big on changing art so i can’t help in that department, but i can say the buttons and balltop were super easy to change. Remove the 8 screws in the bottom metal panel (not the rubber feet though!) and you have access to the guts. Also extra plexi’s are available for this stick, but I am not sure where.

Any other questions i’d be happy to answer.

Yea ordered mine from … When I receive I’ll add a quick review also!

Also available from DealExtreme:

I was also interested in getting this as my first stick, but the seventh picture on focusattack kind of worried me (the one that shows the inside). The material used for the base of the stick looks like cheap plastic to be honest. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

The Q4RAF is a very sturdy build. The materials used are similar to all mass produced joysticks. Top and Bottom are made of metal (the bottom Panel is very heavy and has a felt bottom) and the rest of the casing is very strong plastic. Just like a TE and most HORI sticks.

Ok, thanks for the clarification, I appreciate it. I’ll probably pick up this stick sometime this month.

Anyone know what layout is used for the buttons? I’m really used to the hrap2’s seimitsu 1p side panel. XD

layout is the same as the TE, but the buttons are less spaced out (more closer)

I ordered the limited edition Red from Those guys rock!

( I bought an Hori EX SE from them last year and they are VERY pro with the packaging as well as the quick shipping and communication. )

I like the extremely short throw of the Seimitsu sticks so I put in an LS-40 with a 45mm Balltop, moved the buttons around to my liking and added a couple of plugs to make it 6 button.

My ONLY gripe is the bottom panel takes a couple of extra seconds to place back on flush and there are 8 screws to be removed in order to swap out your parts.

The best price I found anywhere was, and at the time they threw in extra goodies to make it even more of a killer deal.

I have no reservations about recommending the Q4.

Good stuff.