Need some info on Astro City viewable size


Hey guys. Weird thread I know, but I just want to ask if someone can measure, or take a decent screen shot of SSF2T running on an Astro City cab (preferably with original monitor).

Why? You will laugh. I’m designing some artwork for my arcade stick made purely from game sprites, and I’m absolutely OCD about the characters and what not being the correct aspect ratio. Now I know the game runs at 384x224, and I know it was designed to be played on a 4:3 CRT, so when it’s displayed, there is a kind of non-uniform stretch that goes on, giving the characters their correct appearance.

Now when I upscaled my screenshots to a 4:3 resolution, the characters still looked a bit thin to me, and I’m sure that not all 4:3 monitors are exactly 4:3, and that they vary between models too. I’m wondering if someone can physically measure the viewable area of their Astro City monitor, or better still, measure a standard sprite (like Ryu’s neutral pose) or take a screen shot. Taking photos of a CRT is a bit hit and miss since the curvature of the monitor always seems worse in a photo than in real life.

As a side note, does the monitor on an Astro City overscan or underscan? I’ve only played on one for a few hours about a year back and I was so into the game, I can’t remember.

Oh as a bonus question, this stick will hopefully have supergun support at some point. How do supergun controls work? Do you need a PCB in there like most other machines, or is the control stuff actually done within the CPS2 board, meaning that you basically just wire buttons to a DB15?

Thanks a lot


There’s no real standard, but all the ones I’ve built use the modified NEO-GEO pinout … Common ground DB 15.


Thing is, damn near all monitors are tuned differently. This is some real low tech stuff.