Need some info upon counterattack setup



Hello. I’m studying cody for the second time cos i want to use him as my main on 2012 version. unfortunately i cannot fully understand how you cody players play to obtain counterattack. I read that cody has beastly combo when he counterattack but i find difficult to believe everyone of you is so reactive to see the counterattack alert when playing and is so quick to change his mind accoedingly and switch for a “Counterattack” combo. I’ve also read that a way to otain this setup is to frame trap your opponent but once again i want to understand how does this work: are you telling me that u plan to play a combo with a frametrap on it and then just follow with another combo designed for a counterattack situation?

sorry if that question sounds silly to u but i have no live community to ask to and u are my only source of knowledge :wink:


just keep an eye on “counter hit” sign in the corner. feels natural to do after a while and pressing c.hp instead of isn’t that much of a hassle you can’t realize within a wink of an eye.

your most commonly used “setups” are cl.hp, and, all of which can be linked into c.hp on counterhit. if you buffer, you can EASILY link u2 after any of those. just put the training dummy on random counter hits and train it. isn’t that hard.


Tnx for the advice… I’ll try it :slight_smile:


Close strong is a 1-frame link into low fierce even without counter-hit, FYI.