Need some opinions (Given my current situation)


I’m currently in the process of modding my PS2 Pelican Real Arcade stick with iL/Happ parts and using it to play SF4 and various PS2 games on my 60gb PS3. I’m very excited about giving this a shot but there was something I sort of wanted an opinion on (for those that would like to be vocal about theirs) :wink:

I currently have both a PS3 and 360 TE fighstick on pre-order due for arrival some time mid March. Of these two, I think that if I actually get them I might only keep one to mod to work on both consoles. Will this be particularly difficult to do? Which one should I keep in the event that they both arrive?

Secondly, I had the strange fortune of running into two of the SE fightsticks, one for 360 and one for PS3 at my local Best Buy. So now I find myself with 2 of the TE’s POSSIBLY coming and 2 of the SE’s. I still plan to keep my Pelican however. I basically bought everything on inpulse so I have no idea what to do with these things (short of selling them).

Is it worth modding Sanwa parts into the SE sticks instead of getting the TE sticks since they’re currently in my possession? Ideally, I at least want a stick that works for the 360 for playing certain XBLA arcade games and what exclusive fighters for the 360 exist (DOA4 is the only thing that comes to mind). But I would also love to have a second stick for my PS3 so that my friends won’t feel cheated when I destroy them. :wgrin:

Ideal would be keeping 2 sticks, one of which works on both consoles.

Thoughts? Opinions? I greatly appreciate any input you guys can give.


My opinion:

Keep the TE. It is much more precious than any SE, besides to mod SE to TE level, the cost difference between the 2 is less than $20 but TE still have better cabinet. ALWAYS get the Xbox 360 versions of any stick because Microsoft Draconian Protection on their accessories, its always easier to add PS3/2 functionality to Xbox 360 sticks than the reverse.

If you are willing to MODIFY your sticks, then keep both TE and SE 360 version of the sticks and add PS3 functions to both by using Toodles Cthulhu boards or adding PSX/PS2 PCBs to both sticks. Once modded, then you don’t need to worry about which system you want to play on.


How difficult would it be to add the Cthulhu board exactly? That’s pretty much what I’d like to do. Would it be possible to use the XCM 360 to PS3 converter that I saw in another forum post on the TE sticks?


it would be really easy to add the Cthulhu board, no soldering required, just add wires to the board (you can look for ShinJn’s mod guide somewhere on youtube). I would avoid the converter at all costs.


Awesome, sounds like I’ll keep the 360 TE in the event that I can actually get it!


Well I ended up getting rid of the SE sticks, so now I’m just waiting for the TE sticks to make their way to me and I should be golden.