Need some Plexi Made! PLEASE HELP! i pay good money!

Ok, so I need some plexi made for my mas sticks.

I won’t get deep into the specifics, but i’d like plexi or lexan, either is fine.

I can mail you this to give you the exact dimensions.

I would like 2 or 4 of these made, depending on price.

Please contact me if you are up to the task!

Thanks!!! Please help!

should check out Tap plastics down on Harrison St. (i believe) in SF. They can do any custom jobs you need and chances are you can get the pieces out of the scrap bin for dirrrrt cheap.

will check that out tomorrow.


you got it man. hope it works out.

If you wanna use polycarbonate from Taps plastics just buy the size you need in a square. Don’t ask them to custom cut it for you. They’ll charge an arm and a leg and they’ll probably do it wrong. I did that a while back and it was expensive and it didn’t come out right. You can just cut it with some sheers or some big scissors. If you use plexi (acrylic) it won’t work. It’ll shatter…