Need some post-Ultra Juri info



I have a lot of her basics down, but I want some refining.
[](Juri Tutorial Guide - Beginner to Advance
This tutorial has been removed from youtube so I have no idea where to go.

Any good places to look that were made after the changes in Ultra? im looking for a tutorial video, not just a balance change vid, just in case I missed out on any basics.


Ultra changes are not actually that big. There are a couple of threads (including mine: Major BnB changes with Ultra that talk about some of the major differences between Super and Ultra.

As for tutorials on Super Juri - there are quite a few. Depending on what you want, you may be interested in the Beginner to Advanced BnB combo list I created for the Reddit BnB thread:


I would be very interested. link? and thanks!


I fucked up the Youtube link. Should work now.


Appreciate that video!