Need some quick help (Anti-Vir)


Ok so apparently…this is what has been fucking me up the whole time.

I’ve been told this is a pretty serious virus to try and get rid of, and the best thing would be to reinstall windows fully. But I want to see if there are alternatives, first.

I’m sure anyone looking at this will recognize Anti-Vir. It’s something that comes up and disables all your programs, etc.

I’ve searched for removal tools, but quickly stopped once I was advised that it can be impossible to remove if I download a wrong removal tool.

Can someone direct me to a trusted removal tool?

Also, I’m pretty sure a system restore wouldn’t do anything. But what are your thoughts on it? It has happened before, but yeah…it’s back.


Is it one of those spyware that claim to be an anti-virus?
Would it be possible for you to install TeamViewer so someone can see what the problem/virus is?