Need some real help

ok, this game is sort of my stress reliever. my wife’s 7 months pregnant, so i’m releasing a ton of stress, lol. anyway, i’ve hit a wall and can’t improve anymore. i’m not content being below average and for some reason when i search for a player/lobby with the ‘same’ rank, it somehow always finds me someone several ranks above me.

long story short, i’d like someone who can help me improve my game. obviously, it’d be best if you have a mic and personally i’d prefer to not get schooled by a child, so please only respond to this if they’ve dropped.

thanks in advance

psn- Born_Again_Dan

You’re posting in the wrong place and you can’t depend on others to get you better.

Hey man, for future reference, this is the type of thread you’d open probably in the playstation network area under “online forums”. You want to improve by finding a partner to spar with? The playstation network section is for people to set up online games with others on psn. The MvC3 area here is to discuss the game.

I’m guessing you won’t have a lot time on your hands to get better? A good way to improve is by playing with a group of buddies every now and then. Where do you live? You can find some locals to practice with or attend a tournament near your area. By playing with others, you can learn a lot more in one day than just playing online.

Regional matchmaking forum:
Regional Matchmaking

If you’re looking to improve your skills. There are millions of threads floating around with tutorials (forums and YouTube).

There’s no reason to open an individual thread when it comes to “help.”