Need some sparring partners


Hey guys… seeing how I’m all new to the online fighting game scene… I’m in need of some friendly battles. I mainly play SFxT or SSFae . I also have guilty gear xx2 accent core, sf3s, & blaze blue cs. I have a problem tho… I’m addicted to character variation so I don’t play w only one character. Lol just message me on XBL

XBL GT: TrippyManeGrimx


Yo I’ll play with you man


i’m down to play with anybody i’ll add u


I’m terrible and just renewed my XBL sub, I’d love to play USFIV with anyone, preferably just a bit better than me… GT is lukexcore, I’m from MN and can play most evenings around 8 central.


I have USFIV and SF3S from your list, but I am always game to play. I usually am on from 6-9pm Central M-F and sometimes on the weekends. Just shoot me an invite if I’m on and we can play some matches. ZanyFiddler


Hey all… I’m always looking for people to play with online… I have USF4, UMvC3, SFxT, and 3S… I play USF4 and Marvel the most, but I’m pretty bad at Marvel and not much better at USF4 lol but I wanna’ get really good. I’ve only really messed around with SFxT and I used to play a lot of 3S. I’d love to find a crew of local players that I can become friends with and play a lot of fighting games with offline as that is how I got good at MvC2 and 3S back in the day. I’m from NJ (Morris/Somerset/Union County area. I’m from Morris County but 1 town over is Somerset County and 1 town the other way is Union County). Oh and I’m on 360… my GT is XBroken13. Hit me up guys!


add me KougatTea54514 xbl.