Need some tips on countering rush game? (Noob)

Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get some tips/pointers on countering my buddies rush game. I’m pretty new to street fighter, but have all the basics down pat and some of the advanced techniques. I typically use Blanka, Gief and Akuma. He uses Ryu and Ken, and personally I think he’s a scrub… Yet I’m the one asking for advice to beat him… heh. :wtf:
So his game is pretty much Jump + HK and the typical cross over combos with a DP at the end. Some times he’ll change it up with a cross over + grab. Blocking cross overs isn’t really a problem for me, its getting space. He closes in on me way too fast, and pretty much keeps me trapped, playing his game. I don’t have enough time to calculate my next move, or play a solid ground game… Hell even get up.
Anyways, if you have any tips I’d gladly like to hear them, and any info would be a great help. Thanks everyone.

Most Ryu’s only ever attack with fireball or jump kicks. Blanka - Electricity/roll Zangief - lariat and Akuma - Dragon punch to beat jump in. Also if its a matter of getting away Akuma can teleport, also if he does get in and start combo’ing just use throw, if he combo’s to DP you wont avoid getting hit anyway, at least if he tries to end in a throw you will reduce the damage a little by teching.I find you are sometimes better off to focus absorb and backdash cross up attempts rather than block. Take him out of his comfort zone.

Basically, block more and press buttons less often. Players who rush down tend to have a larger punishable surface area. So just be patient wait till you see an opening, or you figure out his general attack pattern. You can also try walking slightly forward and blocking to interrupt his rhythm. Or just doing FADC’s. Also remember that shotos can dodge crossups by doing Timed correctly you’ll recover while they’re landing so you can punish them. It’s not likely that you’re blocking the cross-ups correctly if he’s hitting you with the DP at the end of the combo.

With general questions like these you should start here though:

Use the character-specific subforums for strategies for individual characters.

Well, first thing’s first, how flowcharty is he? If he’s just doing cross ups and you’re blocking all day, is he DPing at the end even though you’re blocking? If he is, sweep the DP. Don’t try for anything crazy. As a Gief player, he’s in YOUR zone and the fact that he’s crossing you up in YOUR zone for free is a huge mistake. SPDs are godlike in this game, use em. As an Akuma player, teleport to get some space. If he is, what you call, a “scrub,” he probably wouldn’t think to use tatsus to get out of them. As a Blanka player… well, I don’t play Blanka but doesn’t that electricity stuff work hella good for snuffing cross ups?

If you can’t get out of the tornado, don’t get into it in the first place… or something like that.

THanks for all of the tips guys. Games are going much better now.

Autocorrect ultras are pretty boss with wakeup crossup. Balrog and Honda’s will autocorrect and I bet that Blanka’s does as well.

Blanka doesn’t auto correct all the time. Of course I’m no Blanka player, I’m a Guile player, but the fact is that I make darn sure that Blanka’s Ultra is negated on wake up by doing a few meaningless (not really meaningless if I’m doing it for a reason) cross ups just to take away his charge from wake up. More often than not, I’m jumping over him and his ultra just flies off to the other side of the screen as I taunt him.

Agressive players can be a handful but I like Illiterate and MogKnight’s comments about pressing less buttons when you’re blocking and making good use of 'giefs wicked SPD. SRK’s are very punishable on block so make good use of some BB combos at that point. Just remember that if he’s in the air or knocked down, you have the advantage so you need to press it. Zangeif is really good and just taking hits to get in close and hurt them. So don’t worry if you get hit a few times with him, as long as you start closing that distince and not being too reckless, you’ll be fine with him. Blanka needs to be tricky and Akuma needs to be smart.

Am I right when I say hes just crossing you up with into instant throw or dp? First don’t let him just jump at you, AA him everytime and second if he does get in punish every DP, chances are he’ll start throwing shortly after a couple punished dp’s. Watch out for random ultras and this type of player is a cakewalk.

I just kick them in the face usually.

AA’ing the jump in is usually a good idea, but harder to do against some characters. I have issues with Rufus jumping in because the dive kick can sometimes have ridiculous priority, or my opponent can delay it for different amounts of time to trip me up and throw me off.

Most character’s have some sort of decent anti-air move that consists of a normal move such as crouching FP or standing FP or FK. Learning to time these right will go a long way to stuffing jump-ins and making your opponent think twice about doing it so much. This helps shutdown one avenue they can attack from and slows down their rush.

Ok, somebody please explain what a scrub is to me, because I apparently don’t know.

Your friend is beating you with combos that you don’t know how to counter, and he’s a scrub? I’m not trying to be a dick but I’m a little confused.

I thought winning by any means necessary was the idea?

Scrubs are those who complain about what other people are doing: character pick, repetition of tactics, etc. If a certain strategy is being employed that your opponent can’t seem to beat, and you abuse that, you are in no way shape or form doing something wrong.

When I put my friend in the corner, he loses on average between 400-700 health trying to get out, frequently complains about how unstoppable my corner pressure is–I am not a scrub for purposely pushing him into the corner as I understand how much of a weakness that is for him.

Anyways, in regards to rush-down opponents, start playing reactively. If they jump a lot, just wait for it and anti-air–or, since most relatively low skill players can’t figure this one out too quickly, meet them in the air with a jumping <insert best air normal you have>. If you jump and press your attack early, you’re more than likely to win the air to air. As soon as you land after beating their air attack, jump again. With most characters, you’re in perfect cross-up range and you’ve set yourself up for a free combo.

I think Sirlin said it best for me:

“The derogatory term ?scrub? means several different things. One definition is someone (especially a game player) who is not good at something (especially a game). By this definition, we all start out as scrubs, and there is certainly no shame in that. I mean the term differently, though. A scrub is a player who is handicapped by self-imposed rules that the game knows nothing about. A scrub does not play to win.”

I was under the impression that a scrub was someone who thought they were good but, actually weren’t.

I can tell you how to beat him with blanka.

When he jumps from Far > Neutral Jump HP or Jump Back HP
When he jumps from Far > Crouch MP anti air
When he jumps from close > Late EX upball
When he jumps from close > Block, let him do 1st attack of combo and then you A) EX upball B) Low Short, Low Short, Stand Jab ,Ball XX Super C) Back dash D) Throw/Tech
IF he whiffs a DP > ULTRA HIS ASS

once you mastered keeping ryu from flowcharting you. Stay half screen distance from him going back and forth with his actions.

If he throws fireball > A) Slide under on reaction B)Absorb C)CC D) Jump +HK if your spaced to guarntee a HIT dont do it if he can recover DC especially if he has ultra.