Need some tips on timing executions

Hey guys, I finally made the switch to a fight stick and its been real rough for the past few weeks. When using pad, my timing was better than using a stick. I’ve been practicing alot lately, and ive been on it constantly but are there any tips that could possibly be helpful for me on timing combo’s in mvc3? An, example would be Shulks bnb, where you do a torpedo after land, i just cant seem to time it right. are there any tips on this or on timing in general?

Make sure you delay the :s: in the air so She-hulk can land as quickly as possible. There are no differences in timing for inputs on stick/pad. Are you sure you knew the timing on pad?

ye, it just feel really different on a stick

Ah OK, just wondering. Anyway, She-hulk users fo life! :tup: