Need some tips on what to learn

I have played for about 2 years now but never really got into the game. Now I want to atleast get decent so it looks like I know what I am doing and wanted to know where I should start. I am thinking about playing Sentinal, Cable, and Doc Doom, or maybe throw in Ironman somewhere if it matters.

there are many, many, many posts around here for character-specific do’s and don’ts amn. check em’ out and it’ll save u the time of having to wait for a response that would likely end up with you getting flamed :slight_smile:

Sorry but I have combed through those threads and I just wanted to know if there were any basic combos I should learn with the characters because they list like 100 different combos.

What other games/characters do you play, maybe I can set you up with a squad to learn with.

I pretty much play everything. I am ok at SF3 and GGAC, but I also play Brawl, TekkenDR, UMK3 and just about every other fighting game but pretty badly.

well, simply looking at your first idea towards a team:

you mentioned sentinel, iron man, doctor doom, and cable. i think you have a decent foundation to work with here. these choices would allow you to work on the following:

-flying with sentinel which should lead to stomp patterns and fly/unfly+ anti-air cover (cable-aa/doom/ironman…)
-keepaway/trap with cable + cover (doom-aa, sent-ground)
-iron man and intro to infinites + assist set-up if you want(cable-aa, sent-proj/ground, doom-aa)
*these infinite set-ups would only be limited by your execution and your creativity
-iron man/doom and rushdown w/ air dash + cover (cable-aa/sent-ground)

if you stick with these initial 4 you will quickly learn how you want to play marvel

some teams you could pull off with these 4:
cable can play point or serve as a 2nd or 3rd making use of aa; preferably 3rd to make use of a better dhc character

sentinel can play point or 2nd (w/ drones) or 3rd (w/ rocket punch assist)

iron man can play point or 2nd to capitalize on his wicked dhc
-iron man/??/??
-??/iron man/??

doctor doom will more than likely be your 3rd, allowing you to take full advantage of his rocks

so based on this, basic team structure with your beginning 4 would look something like:

cable-based: keep opponents at bay as much as possible and try to have an assist to cover your butt in case they get too close, but PROTECT that assist!

sentinel-based: take advantage of sentinel’s flight by dominating the air while keeping the ground dangerous with your assist; land and pull chains with beams, rocket punches and hell sentinel force super

ironman-based: infinite?

if you notice, some of these teams merely involve a change in order, which would allow you to switch strategy if necessary pre-match

you can go anywhere with your sentinel-based team

with your ironman-based team, who knows, the rushdown factor may take you to storm/mag

with your cable-based team, you may decide you enjoy trapping and move on to other cable teams or somewhere else in order to capitalize more on doom (clockwork cough)

good luck. i’m not trying in any way at all to fashion your teams for you, but just spreading some common knowledge on popular current team structures with those 4 characters and why

execution, mind games, and don’t be afraid of shit, and you’ll do fine. I realized that when I’m confident in rushing down, I fuck up less and the shit that I don’t think will work, works. Don’t rethink what yo’ure going to do, because it gives your opponent more time to react

I have a couple of question:

  1. How good is BH aa assits when using Sentinel?

2.How about Cable aa assits when using Sentinel?

3.Is team scrub the best first team to learn?

scrub is the easiest to begin with. it depends on your skill level adn what kind of characters you’re comfortable with.

bh and cable assist suck with sentinel.

sent + bh assist trap:

(c. fierce + bh xx qcf+lk, c. fierce xx HSF) repeat for 5 levels

annoying as hell and you can mix it up to make it even more annoying. sent with bh assist is not that bad (just make sure you have a real AAA to back you up).

after HSF, if you don’t want to waste a meter, you could qcf+hk and make that hit, giving you enough time to dash in or fly in and lock down again.

i think any beginning player who pulls out scrub would simply get rushed down for their lack of experience at controlling space effectively vs high-level mags/storms

very true. sentinel’s very hard to control in the begining, and cable isn’t fast enough to get out of most situations.

try santhrax as your first team.

I have more quiestions:

1.Who shoukd start better on team scrub, Cable or Sentinel?

2.Is cable projectile assitas good to use?

3.How about ken aa with sentinel?

Sorry for all the questions.

1.)When I play with Scrub i usually start Sent it really depends who you feel comfortable with like Mixah said


Cant answer your last question I have no idea

that’s good for defense, but you want to look for stuff you can do things with. This is why commando and magneto are great because you can cause a shit load of damage with them.

You COULD combo off of ken’s aaa, but it takes one hella fast response. Even when you ARE in the area while flying, the arc at which he launches them sometimes crosses you up. Usually your best chance is to catch them on the way down w/ their assists or just keeping the invincible pressure on…sent/ken-aaa should have an offensive nature

but the deal with it is: you get the combo that’ hella fucking hard… does it do good damage? is it substantial?

questions… :slight_smile:

i mean commando and magneto can do about 40-60% depending on which character, and which method you do with it with their fast fly… (magneto you can bring it up to 100% with an inescapable reset - meaty unblockable) i just don’t nkow about ken… :-/

cable for example can be comboed too, but it does so many hits, it rapes the scaling… :frowning:

magneto 100% by the way…,, rp, hsf,, sj, lk, fly, lk + call magneto, unfly + hp, land, s.hp, rp, hsf, sj, lk, hp rp, hp, hk OTG, pause, c.hp unblockable, use your imagination…

just remember something:

about 90% of the magnetos out there will get raped (as most people don’t play magneto correctly with bait tactics. many just rush rush rush… you have to bait them to do something stupid, as magneto’s priority and speed will beat out almost everybody) by fly back sentinel + commando… many more can bait the other assists out. problem with commando is the weirdness on his invincibility time. he’s not invincible until he puts his hand down, which is why doom beats him out. he also leaves quickly… if ken gets blocked, your sentinel is a sitting duck.

If Ken gets blocked, Sent is a sitting duck? For rushdown? I thought Sent was the one rushing down? lol He SHOULD be. You must be referring to a defensive Sent…

I understand and share your doubts on the usefulness of Ken-aa providing strong set-ups, but i wouldn’t say Ken-aa is as much for set-ups as it is for disruption. He is not so much meant to be the tool to make long combos happen, but he DOES guarantee you that he can, if I may, fuck shit up on the ground and up front if your Sent can properly cover the angles in the air. Only thing is, unlike Cyclops-aa or CCs-aa, Ken-aa doesn’t have as much horizontal spread to, if I may, fuck shit up in the case you get push-blocked. Although, there are methods around this even.

I mean, a push-blocked Sent w/ an invincible Ken-aa rising with flamed fists and all into the air, can easily unfly, land w/ s.hp or c.hp to disrupt any ground activity, HSF to make enough time for the Ken-aa to bounce, and then sj.xxlk/hpxxflyxxcall Ken-aaxx…and continue the stomp patterns again.

Ken-aa = disruption…rarely will it = combo linker tho it can.
e.g., Sent:,, CALL KEN-aa, sj.cancel after 1st hit of, kick and smack and rp, what have you

Heck, if Sent misses his unblockable, he should be beast enough to catch the opponent on the way down with it after Ken sends them flailing…if they would like to fly around you, just call Ken-aa again, observe, react. Mind you, the Sent player who uses Ken-aa has gotta be ready to take up on the responsibility of taking control.