Need some tips.

So I am starting to play with Adon, (no, not because of the EVO matches) And needed some help. I have only been using him for about a week now and I am still playing like a noob. I used to main T. Hawk but got tired of all the complaints about how OP his grabs were and what not, and he is the only character I am kinda good with. If you are a decent Adon player and wouldn’t mind helping me out, you can find me on Xbox Live, my gamertag is x IHaVoK x.

Dude, let those scrubs complain. There is no such thing as OP in this game. Just because they don’t know what to do against T.Hawks grabs, doesn’t make them OP. What matters is that they lost, you won. Besides, that’s pretty much the only damage T.Hawk can get anyway, since he practically has no combos, are from his grabs.

drop adon, continue t.hawk, he’s is a great character, noobs will complain, end of story.
btw, getting hate mail is the best part of playing online.

Well, I do want another main. I went to a local tournament and got stomped, I blame nerves for the most part, but I really can’t play against fireball characters with Hawk. If anything, I want a character to fall back on if I lose with Hawk.

Why would you tell him to drop Adon? That’s retarded, if anything we need more Adon players…

OP, dude you’re going to have to practice hard if you want to get decent with Adon. I’d recommend that you look through the stickies for an overview if you haven’t already. Watch Gamerbee’s videos online against high level players like Daigo on YouTube, you’ll get an idea of how you’d want to end up playing. Also, ignore the MAJOR saltiness from most of the players (surprisingly, wtf Adon players should be happy for the influx… i for one thought the Adon community was nice and helpful a few months ago) on these boards.

I am also dropping my main, Balrog to play Adon exclusively now. So I just spam st. roundhouse, crescent moon kick, jumping roundhouse and rising jaguar… right??

haha hell no mix it up with pokes jks crossovers and grabs

your feeding the troll^^

The best advice we can give ya is dont listen to kiing adon lol.

But seriously adon does take a huge amount of work to get good with. He does have a really good move set but use them wrong and you put yourself into really bad situations.

Jaquar kick is your best friend with adon not rising jaquar imo anyway. This is due to you being able to maintain a constant attack if you time them right where as RJ can leave you wide open.

To be honest though you will struggle with fireball characters with adon too. He does have options to get round them such as jaquar tooth, mk.Jk, ultra 1 and even taunt 9. But to use these effectivly takes some pretty tight timing.

All in all though he is a really fun character to use and i wish you good luck with him.

I have taunt 9 on but I don’t ever use it
cuz I’m afread ppl will be thinking “o this guy is an ahole taunting me. I’ll blacklist him”

He said he was dropping his main due to newbies complaints. Thats not a good enough reason to drop your main.
And were not salty about the influx of the new adon players AT ALL. Im actually happy about it. Gives me reason to check up on the forum every day instead of once a week. We still are helpful…and nice?

Most of us anyway XD

Some of Adon’s best matchups are against fireball characters. You forgot to mention EX JK, which requires almost no timing at all (just spacing) and IGNORES fireballs. Doesn’t go over them, doesn’t have a few invulnerability frames like U1, it simply ignores them. Good to know against Akuma, Gouken, and Juri.

True but you wont get many people spamming fireballs within EX JK range last thing you want to do is go over the fireball and land infront of them an eat a dp.

So are you worried about people spamming fireballs outside EX JK range? Everybody has an answer to that.

I picked up Adon recently and I’m having a blast- so much fun against fireball characters. So much fun in general.

Not going to lie though, it takes a bit of patience to learn/get acquainted with. I spent a good chunk of time just playing him and getting my ass whooped at first until I learned the ropes a little better, and was able to change him from occasional change of pace guy to my main.

It was a lot of fun before EVO because there were so few Adons out there, and most people were clueless on the matchup (i literally won a match v. Balrog using almost exclusively s. RH). Now, not so much… but it’s still a blast.