Need Someone To Create My Album Cover/insert

I know this is short notice, but i know theres alot of people on here thats talented
in making images. This isnt a big paying thing (small actually), I’ll pay you 30$ paypal.
This isnt a major distribution thing, i do my own everything (managing etc). I plan on
selling at least 100 (i hope i can break 5 lol) So thats why the price is so small.

I plan on releasing my LP on FEB26th if everything gets right lol.

You name will be included on the cover!, not as big as mine of course, but somewhere
the bottom like, Cover by: blah blah blah, to get some shine =D.

Heres some info:

Artist Name: Hona
Genre: Rap/Hiphop
Name of Album: Searching For Paradise.

I really like floral designs, goth floral, or just happy floral. I DO NOT want to be in
my cover, i want the cover to be a work of art like music. yea.

If anyone is interested drop somethin! (also have a paypal account lol.)

thankx in advance

Also: u cant steal images to make ur own. I, and U will be both sued lol./

I’m not the person who could do this for you but just wanted to wish you good luck with your album.

Lol iight. I’ll give free CDS! to listen to… but if u likeeeeee it… go buy! =D

You have a my space so I can hear some of it if so I can get a feel for it and I will give it a try

Yea sure man. But the songs on myspace are for… funny reasons as of now lol. (just put up 3 funny womanizer tracks lol)

But i got an imeem and a zshare of my Mixtape b4 the album.

Hona - Elysium

Imeem link

But if those dont work then… I guess

I wish i could give u sample of the album, but i plan on recording it all in a 3 day span, so it all sound the same.

Right on I understand hopfully I will have something done up real soon do you want me to pm you when its done and email it to you

oh well you can pm it to me. I dont mind u posting it on here either. Any exposure for my cd is good even if its just talkin bout a cover lol./

Heres what I did man let me know if you want some changes and whatnot I’s your CD cover so I wont take it personally.

Mind if I give this a shot?


Yea go ahead!.


Nice job man. The pink is kinda cool, but im not a pink man unless its high pink. Fushia is cool too. I saved it on my pc, to see if u can feel it. if u come with some other mock ups post that too. I dont really wanna settle with 1 to choose from. its better for me to keep looking at it over and over and over, and even print it, before i use it. But good work man, i couldnt do shit like that, even if i tried lmao.

thanx…is that the type of floral you were talking about. that shit was hard to get right lol but yea man I will do some more of them.

My take:


P.S.: lol, floral enough for you?

P.P.S.: I’d be happy to do it in any colors you prefer. The Red/pink is just a placeholder. I can do multiple colors as well. Let me know what you’d like to see.

wow dood thats pretty cool but its on now lol :slight_smile:

Here are a couple examples with other color schemes:





Bring it.

Here’s another one. As with the first, all elements are color change-able to your whim (or any other changes)


EDIT: Uploaded a smaller preview version so you can see the whole thing in one screen. Higher resolution available for printing.


i saved this one. its simple and dope. good job guys. You guys dont have to make it all… girly? lol.

But yea i really like this one. The font is kinda, iffy. I like rock steadys font on the first one, “Searching for paradise”. Like its written in permanent marker.