Need SSF2T Help!

Is it just me or is the AI impossibly hard on super turbo? I use the MAME emulator because i prefer to play the arcade version. I play Ryu, and i find playing against the AI ten times harder then playing against most human opponents. I’m a pretty decent player because i definately have more wins against human opponents than loses, but against the AI it just takes me forever to finish the game.

I find playing against characters like T.Hawk to be a pain in the a** because for some reason i can’t seem to beat him. I use the computer keyboard to play, so is there any major downside to this? I know most people prefer the stick, but its too hard for me to master, and i don’t like the pad. Also, do the computer’s characters do more damage than the players’? Like if its a Ryu vs Ryu against the computer, would the computer’s Ryu do more damage with each hit? I find it hard to tell sometimes. Please suggest some strategies and feel free to share your thoughts.

The AI is incredibly hard on Super Turbo. Especially on the American version.

There is a major downside to using the keyboard. IT SUCKS. You may dislike pad and think stick is too hard to master, but unless you switch over to one of those, you’re pretty much screwed.

I’m pretty sure the comp. does more damage than you. It has all kinds of unfair advantages over you.

Here are some strategies:

  1. Put down your keyboard, step away from MAME

  2. Buy a PS2 (if you don’t have one yet)

  3. Buy a stick

  4. Buy Capcom Classics Collection, Vol. 2

  5. Never play against the comp., it forms bad habits, the only reason to have the home version of a game is for training mode (and playing friends!)

LOL! Well, if the keyboard sucks that much i guess i will have to step away from it, i know the stick is much better but the pad? I don’t really like the pad, i mean its smoother transition and everything but i don’t like the placing of the buttons. I do have a ps2 but no street fighter games for it, and whats wrong it MAME? Does it not simulate arcade play properly or something? Thanks for the reply though, i may have to get used to the stick or pad.

by the way could you elaborate on what kind of unfair advantages the comp has against human players, does it have faster recovery time or something? If it does have you tested it? Thanks for your help.

People get their panties in a bunch due to kaillera lag. There are some very good online ST players- and playing them is likely better, even in lag, then local scrubs. Yeah, good offline comp beats good online comp, but how many places HAVE good offline comp?

Good online comp beats bad offline comp any day of the week though. Bad comp is not much better then the CPU.

I would invest in a stick though. Keyboard players are often frowned upon. Don’t worry about CPU being cheap, you can’t do anything about that- just find people to play who can improve your game.

If you’re interested in playing against the AI, just play the Japanese version.(Super Street Fighter 2 X)
You will notice the difference really soon.
BTW, get at least a pad, 'cuz keyboards suck for fighting games.

PS2 has the advantage over MAME because it has training mode. If you’re playing a fighter alone, it should honestly be in training mode, getting your execution and combos down and all that other good shit.

ST AI, in the US version, is able to read all your moves. Most people will tell you about the “psychic” AI that can counter your move before you even do it. Don’t know about the faster recovery time, but the AI will randomly throw you in the middle of combos, and they can make throws like Blanka’s bite or Honda’s hug last long enough to kill/nearly kill you, no matter how hard you try to mash out.

Well i don’t think i’m going to buy the game for the ps2 just for training mode, i mean i think i could do that alone on 2 player play, so its not that big a deal for me. Yes, i do feel that the AI reads all of my moves, i mean it reads the small jabs and all the combo’s and everything, its quite frustrating especially when i face T.Hawk. Also i agree about the hugs/bites lasting forever and causing a ridiculous amount of damage, thats another one of the things that pisses me off about the game. Guess I’m going to have to go on kaillaira to get some good gameplay, cuz the computer is honestly too cheap.

tell me why the ccc version feels like you’re playing online with lag? i dislike it. am i just too used to the arcade version?

I hate the “I press a button and I take damage” aspects with great fury…

I mean the computer really does fucking piss me off. The worst way it cheats is if it knows it has a faster attack when you press a button, so essentially you control the computer more than you control your own character. There’s been times though where I’ve made the computer just stand there and jump repeatedly, but as soon as I move back in to attack it punches me back to the future.


Because it DOES have input lag. :tdown:

thought so… arcade ftw.

Yes, ST AI cheats, but in the end it’s still AI and has patterns that can be exploited easily. For instance, whiffing standing jabs vs Cammy will trick her into doing a low HK. If you do it at the right distance it will whiff and you can counter-sweep her. Also, FB/DP patterns still take down plenty of CPU characters in ST.

As already tipped, try the mame japanese version. It’s still not easy like the previous st, but not insanely hard like world/us

against t hawk pick someone with a dash attack ala boxer. and when he does jump ppp just block and bust out a move like charge b…f + punch or df+punch. i don’t remember much else

fantastic the biweekly “ST’s AI is too hard!” thread

Ya the AI on the comp is dumb, walk up flash kicks, or mash a throw and take off half your life.


Sorry for what is probably a question most people know the answer to already, but a few of my friends and I have just started getting into ST again. Right now we’re just using SFAC and picking ST characters. I’m looking into hooking up a copy of the game so that I can hit up training mode, so would I be better off also trying to get a copy of SFAC or going with CCCv2?

To beat Dee Jay just sweep all day…

CCC2. Not perfect, but closest.