Need SSFIV AE sparing partner in Reading [and other fighting games]

First of all : Hello Shoryuken community. I’ve been reading these threads for 2 years and something now. I’ve learned how to mod my FS3 [got a VLX now :D:) but the melancholy is towards the full Sanwa FS3]. I’ve learned a lot aobut SF community, about the tournaments, about the high level players. Keep the good work as this site is definately a helpful resource for anyone who wants to learn about fighting games.

I’ve been with the SF2 arcades in the '90s and I’m a great fan of the series [except third strike as in my country of origin Third Strike was never used]. I’ve also been with KoF '94 and '95, Fatal Fury, Body Blows, MK 1,2,3, Trilogy and now a little bit of MK9. I’m loking forward to UMVC3 and the new SFxT.

At the moment I’m looking for a sparing partner for SSFIVAE and SF2HDR in Reading UK. I’m not by any means a good player but I’m decent. Some OSes, some mixups, some FADCs. I just want to have offline fun as online the fun is going down at the moment… from various reasons.
I have a PS3 but anyone interested would eventually have to bring it’s own Arcade Stick as the FS3 is still at my original home with my best friend and ex-sparing partner :D:).

By no means I want to limit only to SSFIVAE and SF2HDR. I would like to learn and have some fun with any other of brawling game.

The above being said… anyone who’s in Reading and would like to spend some time on PS3 and brawl please let me know.

Thank you again Shoryuken for everything I’ve learned.

Welcome to SRK.

The Newbie Dojo isn’t a matchmaking section. If you have game play questions, please post them here. For matchmaking, use the matchmaking sections.

Here is the UK thread in the Worldwide section.

You might try Neo Empire as well, it caters more to UK players.