Need Stick Graphic Feedback

I’m a new poster who’s working on a custom arcade stick. I’m looking for some feedback on othe K’ graphic I want to use for the stick. I’m just looking for other’s opinions as to how I can make it look better, such as work on the left side around the logos, and the text A BEAST OF PREY.

Thanks alot.’StickGraphicSmall.png

umm… if you’re going for that font, there’s one called 3rd remix or something like that… it’s on

i don’t like the font to be honest, much less, the idea of there being text there.

likewise, having the game logos up there, especially since they’re not a list of the best ones (98, 2000, 2002, Xi, NW)… those are what really stand out as being weak.

if you want, put the text sideways in place of the logos, that might help.

Is this that template I posted up a while back? I would finish the arcade stick first before doing the graphic. The graphics I did using that template had to be redone because they were not the actual size.

Also when doing stick art you wanna make them big- probably 150 ppi- I do mine at 150 but I’ve done a couple at lower resolutions. The lower the resolution the more pixelated it will look- so start out high.

Also if you can’t scan your joystick to get a template to work from- I’d just take an overhead picture of it and crop it to the top panel. Take measurements of the actual joystick, and resize you cropped photo to those measurements. I’d add a couple of cm to compensate for error. Then start making the graphic based on that at 150 ppi.

As far as the logos go, I put up the straight SNK 2D fighter that K’ has been in, although I did neglect XI.

I wanted to throw something else in there other than just K’ and the text, hence why I went with game logos.

I do appreciate the suggestions.

DJ-VAN, yeah, that’s your template. I just needed something to put down to get an idea of where buttons would fall. I figured it would have to be adjusted later after I got components. The actual dimensions are based off of Byrdo’s small template so I left some extra space at the edges for everything.

The orginal PSD is 50 ppcm which comes out to 127 ppi.