Need stick modded in San Jose, CA


Hello. I hope this thread is ok here.

I live in San Jose, CA. I have a Hori ex2 for xbox and a custom stick that has a ps2 PCB. I’d like to have my custom stick modded from the ps2 dualshock PCB so that it will work on xbox 360 so I can use both sticks for SF4.

My current contact I met through this forum is not in a position to assist so I’m hoping someone on here could refer me to the best method of getting my custom stick cleaned up and modded for xbox 360.

I’ve heard I can do this myself with the right equipment, but I’m not sure what equipment tools I would specifically need for such a project.

Any links or help would be appreciated.

Oh, and I know there is an adapater that costs like 100 bucks on the market but I’m looking for a cheaper solution if possible!



You don’t want to buy an adapter for this, especially since it may or may not work. Go check the Trading Outlet section of the forums for a wired up Xbox 360 controller. You could then pretty easily swap it out for the PS2 PCB inside your stick.


Why am I having trouble finding the trading outlet forums…


I live in santa clara and can do what you need.
If still interested contact me we can talk parts/labor etc
archalien (at) archalien (dot) com



Thanks to all.

Arch, I sent you an e-mail.