Need Storm's MVC2 Portrait


Anyone know where I can get this? As high res as possible.



Sorry dude, you picked the wrong character to ask for. Absolutely nobody has the Magneto or Storm artworks from MvC2. This is about the best you’ll find:

Maybe you can pick a Storm portrait from another game, like XSF. Here’s a list of good official artwork sites to browse through:


he’s right, I don’t know how long people have been after Storm or Magneto MvC2 high res art, but it just doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
Some people can take shots from the PS2/DC/XB version, but the res will be quite poor.


The XSF Storm pic looks kind of a lot like the MvC2 one though. Here’s a gallery of XSF artworks if you’re interested:

Or you could just pick another character. Like this one for example:


Linkage:Storm MvC2 Full Shot (not High Quality!)

Is the best I could do, someone could be able to clean it and make it better quality, I don’t know.
I do have the tif originals too (all those black lines are from multiple shots because I zoomed in on the MvC2 gallery)

but hey, at least its full body :wink:


That’s good enough. Thx guys!


no problem (I guess)…
I don’t mind taking screens like that for people (ask Majestros)


hm, now with advent the chankast emulator, wouldn’t it be possible to obtain the Mags portrait as well? At least in part?