Need suggestion for Mas stick

Whuts up ppl? I’m buying a Mas but dont know too much about them so I need some help.

1- Minimum I’m getting it for PS1/2 and DC so that means there will be 8 buttons to use during gameplay (not including start and select obviously) . My question for that is if I get the smaller version of the mas with 8 buttons is it too much of a clutter? Like if I’m trying to slide tri jump in Marvel or sumthing will I accidentally hit the start button?

2- Is p360 best way to go for Mas sticks?

3- Also I saw someone post something that you can use Mas on 360? Do I just grab a ps to pc (usb) converter and plug it into 360?

4- With the pc converter do I juss plug it into my pc and it’ll register without install disc?

Thanx for the help guys

The only thing you need to know about MAS is that you won’t get it for 2 - 3 months.

  1. Don’t know about the size problem, but I hear getting a 2-system MAS stick will cause blue screen problems for MvC2. There’s also something about the start button I think.

  2. If I were to get a MAS, I’d put one in, but it really comes down to personal preference. I hear fixing is kind of a bitch too.

  3. Don’t really know about that

  4. It should. I had an old EMS PC converter that worked like that. Just plug and play and it’ll read it as a gamepad.



that is unless you go there to the trailer and ask for one in person
then you’ll get it in an hour or two

also i need clarification on ALL the problems with bluescreens on marvel

I have both a regular size MAS and a mini one. The distance between buttons and joystick are same on both of them so if you get the mini one it wouldn’t feel any more cluttered than a regular size one would.

The only problem I have with the mini one is if you pull down on it sometimes the whole stick will jump up because the smaller base makes for less stability. But if you’re light on the stick then it isn’t too much of a problem. I definately like the smaller size overall though.

If you go with a mini one order from They actually go to MAS and have the sticks made on the spot. I ordered one from there and it only took a little over a week to get it.

a couple guys i know have bought mas sticks recently and have had problems with the 360s and just removed them and put in competitions.

i have used the big and the small design and i liked the bigger one, i dont know man its all preference.