Need suggestions for my team

I’m new at this game, got it yesterday but really interested in learning it. I plan to buy a fight stick and get better (can anyone tell me if the Hori EX2 is any good? I don’t want to drop 100+ on a Mad Catz + The sanwa parts).

I eventually learned that I suck with Storm so I then replaced her with Cable and I’m liking him a lot. My Sentinel is decent but when I get to Magneto I completely suck ass. I’ve been reading and watching a lot of videos and he does not seem noob friendly, I’ve only had success with him using HC’s but everywhere I read it says that he’s a rush character but I’m terrible.

Can someone give me a suggestion on what character to replace Magneto with? I’m open to switching back to Storm but I’d rather look at other options.

Also if you’re interested in teaching me add me on XBL: Addicted2Owning…

Thanks :smiley:

Sentinel-A or Y / Cable-B / Captain Commando-B

Sentinel-A or Y / Cable-B / Storm-A

Spiral-A / Cable-B / Sentinel-Y

Sentinel-Y / Cable-B / Tron-Y

Sentinel-Y / Cable-B / Doom-B

Just few teams. Sentinel/Cable can support a lot of characters too.

I honestly do not like the Hori EX 2 stick. I have to apply more pressure for directional inputs, otherwise the game doesn’t recognize them even though I hear the clicks. I’m still getting used to this, since it’s all that I have.

Yea use captain commando, and you got yourself the best team lol.

The Hori EX2 is ooookayy. Much better to get a stick that uses Happ parts. Sentinel is difficult with the stick (you’ll feel like your about to break the thing from all the motions). The button layout makes it difficult for rushdown and Magneto ROM inf. (I Slide, not claw). Otherwise, if you’re just picking up the game and learning it should do the job. Some of the advanced techniques may be difficult, but it works okay. And for $60 its definitely a bargain compared to Custom sticks/MAS/ or even the SF4 SE and TE. But I hear good things about the SF4 SE, and its only 20 dollars more. Any reviews?

I heard the SE breaks easily and you have to upgrade it with Sanwa parts which will run you another 50-60 bucks.