Need Suggestions with mod (pelican)


Hello all,
I was wondering if I could get your guy’s help with a mod I am considering. I currently own a Pelican real arcade stick (Universal) and Im not pleased with it at all. I know, I know big surprise right :slight_smile: but I am totally new to modding sticks. I have searched numerous search engines and forums looking for a tutorial on my particular stick and have found none. Im pretty good with wiring I just need help on which parts to buy and where to buy them… Im hoping i can figure out the rest on my own, or if you guys know of a guide I over looked by all means point me in that direction. Any input will be a great deal of help.
Thanks again.


if you have aim
message me i can walk you through

ive done this mod twice
its very easy

edit: not right now after like 8pm


If you are good with the wiring, and just need help on parts:

All you need is Happs Competition Convex buttons and a happs competition stick. They fit in perfectly without modding the case at all. I’ve put them in on 2 pelicans for some friends.


Get Happ Competition stick and buttons. You won’t need to do any wiring with that stick, just either soldering or putting in disconnects if you want to use Cherry microswitches (which you probably should). You can get all this from ponyboy in the Trading forums.

Look at arcadestickmonks SFAC stick guide. Yeah it’s not the same stick but modding the pelican is basically the same thing. Just look at the parts that have to do with the buttons and joystick and you can pretty much disregard the rest of it.