Need Template for Fight Stick? Ask Me I will Make it!

My Name is Fahad Zaman.
Live In Florida Orlando.

Check it out brudda’s and sistahz.

If any1 wants nice designs for your TE or normal fight stick just give me the right dimension size
It will be professionally designed and BG altered to match, blend, and synthesize with your liking :smiley:

If you wanna c my tiny arts here it is :smiley:

and what would this price be?

i am reasonable you know ^^

So its up to you and your peeps to keep it flowing. I would do it for any1 and every1 just give me time, some inspiration and voila you got urself a nasty lookin Fight Stick Image with Nice layout, character and w/e.

I will try to choose the best images for SF based or any game related images to flow with the fight stick layout but it will be great :smiley:

I am designing mine but idk how to put it on fight stick so thats kinda like a bummer for meh. ^^

here is a preview on mine that i am working on ^^

i get no opinions? like wow lol i see few go to GFX in here ^^

You do good.
I like.

But hope no one asks you to use Copyrighted stuff.

04/11/09 Update

almost done wit mine:

you can’t charge people for stick templates when all you use is Copy written material for stock photos. also, you in the wrong section for this, lastly, you’ve been only a member since
11-24-2009. You can’t even sell your left testicle for the next 4 months.

Either edit your first post to take requests at no charge or fall back before a MOD gets cha.

i have just added stock images duh. a moron would notice that like yourself.

like i said I am “Almost”

I have Fractal and C4D to add to the image and blend in with other character that I will main.

^listen here fuck face,

I was saying that you can use whatever you want but you can’t charge people for it since you use Akuma and shit in your templates.

vectors and C4D won’t save your ass from a ban hammer if you charge people.

ok numb skull i will do w/e i want ok cork sucka.

I wont charge for first 5 thats how i roll. But i do private business so i dont need to make money but if you want decent images not normal then you come to meh or sum1 who done GFX for the past 3 years. I start simple cuz it looks appealing to the eye then work to the effects.

you started this fuking incident btw so you betta stfu.

No, you can’t do “w/e u want” because you don’t own this forum and you don’t make copyright law. You can do it for free or you can risk a swift banhammer. That’s it. Those are your choices.

Personally, I think you make pretty images, so I don’t want you to get banned. I just want you to be smart.

i got it i would be nice to you but that nigga who posted before you went and said you just copy and pasted on the image and as a GFX’r thats an insult. so he deserves shyt talk. he doesnt know 1 thing about GFX or maybe he does know a tad bit but saying the way he did it pissed me off. even thought it is childish to be mad at what sum1 wrote no matter how uneducated they are.

it takes about 30 min to 2 hours to render a HQ or LQ image and resize and redefine an image to make it back to HQ. So its not easy fixing stock images. and on top of that blending the image with another image so it looks like nothing is cut out is even harder and takes even more time and concentration to the details.

i’ll take ur advice and not his.

I think it’s too late for that, unfortunately. Should have all ended after jdm’s and shatter’s 1st post.

Remove those prices.

Drop the prices and sales stuff or get infracted and banned.

Could one ask for donations for offered artwork, copyrighted or otherwise? It seems like that would be a legal way to go about it. I mean, obviously it has to be a donation, it can’t be forced or fixed or anything, but is that something people do when they might consider their work worthy of payment?

naw, you should just kill yo’self and that’s about it.

you non-comprehensive, illiterate, inbreed-ass twat-taint.

stock photos, if you even know what that means, is usually but not always the focal point of one’s piece. In regards to you, it is. I don’t need anyone to tell me how long it took them to take someone else hard work, render it on top of a few pieces of crap then wanna charge-a-nigga for shit that’s not even yours. THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT! IT’S. NOT. YOURS.

you’re the one that is uneducated about SRK, and this is a prime example why it was the worst decision made to get rid of the rep system. We all need to see who’s the dumb asses on the boards.


Your officially the 1st dumbass of IMM 2010! Your prize is ip ban.

negro edit:

that’s like getting donations for a church and you don’t even own a church or even a pastor legally.

that’s like donating $10 to your favorite weed man every day for a year and then trying to file that shit on your tax return…

This thread is going nowhere. but yeah donating,buying,whatever not allowed for stickart.Regardless of what you do or how long you’ve been doing it.


Umm yeah, if I catch anyone trying to sell copyrighted images, that cork sucka will get banned on the fast.

Let this be a warning.