Need template for HRAP3-Blanka

Hey guys, I’m getting a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, and I am really searching for Blanka artwork suitable for a template, but yet have no luck. I was thinking just you know a closeup or something, but Google images and Photobucket are worthless, if I’m looking for Blanka the SF character, as opposed to pictures of Latinas.
I really want something to go well with the new buttons I’m getting- Green Sanwa’s for the punches and kicks, and Orange Sanwa’s for 3xK and 3xP. Still debating over a Ball/Bat stick, and debating the color of that. But all other plans are set in stone.
As for the template, I am also thinking of just saying screw it, and make my own Blanka mashup/collage of all the ingame pictures and sprites. Also like a pajama styled print of just the sprites, but as for now, just looking for artwork.
Thanks guys!


Image Mishmash.