Need testers for adultswim fighting game

I’m almost done with a new online fighting game that I am developing for

send me a private message or email me at and I will send you the link to test the beta version.

Here are some gameplay captures to give you an idea of how the game works:

walkthrough of game mechanics

example match

I’ve tried to do something really different with the visuals and gameplay, and I’m curious to see what people think.

The visuals are all B&W with selective color.

The gameplay is much more focused on defense somewhat similar to Karataka (if you remember that old gem) with 3 blocks and slower attacks making the reaction time after the move has started, before it lands rather than guessing before the move starts like most fighting games.

The story is a linear cohesive story that weaves all the characters into a consistant plot, rather than the “what if this guy won the tournament” approach to story in most fighting games.

Both your links require username and password.


I commend you on the visual style, that shit looks really smooth already.

Is this gonna be flash or download to play with P2P?

Flash is all that is planned for now. There is a beta version available if you would like to try it check my first post for an email

Music’s awesome for this stage in particular.
“Row-deee!” lol.

the sin-city style is cool… someone needs to make a real fighting game like that…

If you could combo into the “Set your combo”, for a full guaranteed connection, that would be cool…as it is, any move with invincible startup frames (ala shoryuken) or even a basic crouching guard will eliminate/minimize Set Your Combo’s effectiveness. And…well, just a thought, mind you, but on activation of the Set your combo, rather than show the guy a separate screen…how about the view remains the same the whole time. Activate, everything moves in slow-mo (maybe with after-images) while the input is entered, then back to regular speed once the input phase is over? So if you nail someone, 2-in-1 into SYC activation (maybe a 1 - 1 1/2 second dramatic slowdown while you enter your buttons/commands while your character flashes gold or whatever color) while they’re in hitstun, then the game goes back to regular speed with your character molly-whopping the hell outta them with the pre-programmed combo.

Interesting idea to link the hyper combo from a hit. We tried that at the beginning, however we found it very frustrating for the player getting hit. We found the most engaging system to be that any hit can be blocked no matter what else is going on (as apposed to the recovery time in most fighting games). We offset that by adding a third block height making it more difficult to block correctly. There are no guaranteed combos. The idea is that you build up the length of your hyper combo until it becomes difficult to memorize.

The artistic direction and visual style of the graphics are extremely cool.


1: T.S. for them. If someone’s getting hit, they fucked up somewhere in the defense department. That’s the basic rule of any decent fighter. Maybe you can tighten up the timing on the inputs?

2: Uhh…so…this is gonna be just a button-masher? No hit-stun = scrub gameplay.

3: I don’t know about this :confused:

Other than the gameplay (sometimes, “originality” must take a backseat to “execution”. Change merely for the sake of change no es bueno), the graphics are looking good.

I just watched these out of curiosity, but I can’t help but comment on the videos you posted up.

First off, I totally commend you guys on trying to think outside the box with this game. No jumps, everything is blockable (no true combos), three levels of blocking, and the “preview” system are all very unique, and I think that’s great. I would argue NOT to change any of these systems to be more conventional. Instead, figure out ways to keep these systems and still make it playable.

That brings me to my second point: I honestly believe that games will last forever. Being a community that has seen stupidly fast-paced fighting games at their highest level, I honestly believe that thanks to the preview system, 99% of the moves will be blocked in a high level match, especially with players who have ridiculous reaction times. Sorry if you have no idea who these people are, but I’ve seen Sanford Kelly block ridiculous mix-ups by Justin Wong in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 that no human should ever be able to successfully block. Literally 5 or 6 different attacks of high and low within a sequence of 1-2 seconds.

What I think you can do to combat this is to utilize the stars a bit more. Make it so that the more stars you have, the later the preview flash shows up. So at 0 stars, the preview flash comes out at the time you have it now. At 5 stars, the preview flash comes out just barely before you attack. When you ge to 6 stars (which isn’t there by default), your preview simply goes away.

That allows you to make the Supers a bit more powerful (so that maybe they CAN be comboed if one isn’t blocked) because you lose more that just the meter losing those stars. Also, I would consider making certain moves drain your opponent’s stars (like the Headbutt). Maybe even landing hits in your Super drains the opponent’s Stars as well (like one star per each time you successfully connect a move in the Super). What that does is make it more tempting to USE the Supers… because even though you lose your Stars, if you land enough hits, you’ll make them lose their Statrs as well, promtping people to WANT to be the first person to use the Super, as opposed to sitting on it for the benefit of the shorter previews.

Also, as it looks right now, the cowboy looks WAY better than the martial artist. I would suggest giving the martial artist moves that start the same but hit at different heights for more mixups. Maybe give the martial artist some moves that lack previews like the Headbutt. And the lasso move seems overpowered, especially 'cause there is no jump. Anytime the opponent misses a move, you pretty much get a free lasso. Granted, there is no true combo after that, so it’s not horrible, but it’s definitely a move that sets up a lot that will be very useful.

Just my two cents for now.

  • James

Yeah, its one of those, “What if Sin City became a fighter?” type of games!

Awesome visuals!

Innovation. fucking beautiful!

It’s an adult swim flash game

Not a contender for Evo next year

I think the idea of every hit can be blocked is just fine for a flashgame to play at school or work with friends.

man, that preview system makes things very easy. the only real thing that seems to be hard to block is the super combos, and even that will just be like memorizing “Simon”.

it’s be tight if there was a way to use the stars for something like a mixup for the preview. like you burn a star and cancel into something else, so you actually have a legit mixup at a cost. say if i hit “high~mid” in quick succession, the high preview would come out, but i’d hit them with a mid instead. maybe color the preview in a different color so people only have to guess the 50/50 once they realize the high attack isn’t coming.

i don’t really think the super not comboing is a HUGE thing, but its something worth looking into. maybe witha damage scaling cost.

i don’t like the lasso being unblockable and full screen. maybe half screen so the person fighting against it can try to interupt it? or maybe a star cost? or maybe mid blockable? dunno. an unblockable move that gives a free mixup is rough… and especially when he’s got his back to the edge of the screen, you can barely tell whem he’s starting it up…

all in all, it was alot better than i expected for a flash game which is a huge reason why i’m posting. the game isn’t going to be technically sound, so i hope you don’t pay attention to anyone who wants hardcore combos and rushdown tactics. the idea works, but you gotta make it feel as if you aren’t playing a a game where you’re just reacting to whats infront of you. the quick moves are good, but if everything else is telegraphed, then the only flexibility you have is fishing for counter hits with that move only. god knows you don’t want the game to be about people only using thier non-telegraphed moves back and forth against each other until they get a bunch of stars… but i might not understand the system as well as i’m thinking.

Hmmm…you have a point there. Fighters from many companies occupying 98 percent of my gaming time, so I tend be critical of new offerings in said genre, and expect a fighter to have more of the established basics besides 2 guys hitting each other willy-nilly until one doesn’t get up. Still, for what it’s worth (and what venue and audience it’s intended for), it’s a fantastic effort…even if it has the potential to be much more. This looks like it could be a serious fighter (with sweet character models that look like those Atari ads in comic books for some card game back in '99) .

Can you cancel the combos even though you have already input the commands?

Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback. I think I sent most of you a personal message with a link to the beta. I’d really appreciate if you would try the game and let me know what you think.

If any of you an beat the CPU on difficulty 10 (default is only 3) I’d be very surprised.

If you want to play with a joystick let me know and I can hook you up with the software to do it.

To answer a few of the concerns:

Attack Speed / blocking: everytime a move is blocked the attacks get faster and the attacks get stronger, so if you get two really good players, they’ll eventually fail to block and take serious damage.

Some characters do have special moves that can steal stars.

The main incentive for doing the star combo is to make it longer, You get an additional half a star if your meter is full when you start the combo, so your combos can get up to a dozen hits long if you can survive long enough to build your combo that high.

There is no guaranteed hit stun, but landing a hit does force the other player to defend successfully before they can retaliate. If you can get your hyper combo long enough it essentially guarantees lots of hits, I’ve still not seen people be very successful blocking more than 8 or 9 hits consistantly.

We’ve really tried to make the blocking equally as important and intricate as the attacking, hopefully the gameplay is still compelling. In testing so far we’ve found it to be the most fun and engaging witht he constant ability to block.

It is just a web game but I still take the gameplay very seriously and I hope to please fighting game fans with this offering.

You cannot cancel a hyper combo.

Thanks again for all your input!

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