Need the right assist for your character(s)? Look here

**Fri Aug 19th: Further explanation for chapter 1 of the contents that explains the most absolute basic way to set up a team. **

Table of contents (CHOOSE CHAPTER 3 to go straight to finding assists for your characters):

1. Explaining BATTERY/USER/ASSIST team spots concept, point men and assist provider type characters. LINK>>>>Need the right assist for your character(s)? Look here (WORK IN PROGRESS)

2. Explaining anchor/combination type characters. LINK >>>>Need the right assist for your character(s)? Look here (WORK IN PROGRESS)

***3. Assist guide for each character explaining the uses of their own assists that they provide. Then addresses how best to use assists with them on point and assists that can go well with them. LINK>>>> Need the right assist for your character(s)? Look here (*WORK IN PROGRESS)

4. Personal INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER TIER LIST and TOP TIER TEAMS LIST. Based on tournament results and personal evaluation. Helps to give you an idea of which characters and MORE IMPORTANTLY WHICH TEAMS I find strong. LINK >>>>

Tying back to how Viscant won Evo…the one thing I’ve started to realize as I read different boards is how little people know about which assists to use for their characters. There were even complete teams at Evo where people were using nothing but 3 point characters on the same team. Like…WTF. There’s no reason Mags, Zero and Wolverine should all be on the same team with Wolverine as anchor. Wolverine is actually a decent anchor just because he gets instant overheads by himself in XF but he’s leaving Mags and Zero out to dry on assists. Royal Flush’s “mid tier point men” team of Thor, Modok, Joe wasn’t looking too hot either. It was like watching a bunch of mid tier characters flail around with low tier cover assists. Joe probably ties with Chris and Cap for worst anchors in the game also.

I just feel like people don’t really understand how important assists are to making characters and your team complete when Viscant who won Evo switched between not 2 but 3 different assists for Wesker (Tron fire, Iron Man repulsor blast, Haggar lariat) to win Evo. If the best man switched between 3 different assists to win why the hell are point man teams still running around at Evo?

There are characters in the game like X-23 that don’t even have a mix up game unless you lather them with good assists. What I’m going to do is make a list of all of the characters in the game and then get feedback from other players who can label which assists are good for them when they are playing on point. This even includes characters that are normally assists or anchors themselves like Haggar or Tron. Sometimes you gotta switch a character that’s only on the team because you like them, so you can get a good assist for the one or 2 points you like. You can always make other teams with the other characters that have assists that better suit them.

With that in the posts below I’ll go ahead and start listing the characters in ABC order with assists that work well for them and start to get into the reasons why they work for them. Of course I’ll need extra input for those that play characters that I don’t play so that would help.

Read below first to learn about the different assist archetypes.

For those people that use other characters with left right mix up movement techniques/teleports like Zero/Wolverine/Captain America/Wesker/Jill/Dante/Spencer/Phoenix I suggest reading the X-23 section that I have consolidated into a spoiler. Link>>>>

**This will get you to brush up on how you’re supposed to use your assists with moves such as Captain America’s backflip or Zero’s ground left right command dash to create basically impossible to see teleport style mix ups. Some of these characters like X23 are wrongfully thought of as having limited mix up because the game purposely makes it so you need an assist to mix people up and set them up for a combo. With the right assist you can get free mix ups into damage. **

Sweet idea. I think it would be a good idea to sort of separate assists by type and just give a little info on what the different types all about, then go further by showing characters that fit that type. After that’s all set up, then we can discuss what type/combination works for each character.

IMPORTANT: THE FIRST FIRST PART I’ll go into about assists is that assists are your MAIN NUMBER ONE TOOL for dealing with advance guards. A character like Thor for example is a big buff version of Magneto that can do a bit of flying and air dashing and high/low cross mix ups. Except unlike Magneto he has very few tools to stay in on advance guards without assists. He has that big health but people will advance/push guard you out all day unless you use assists to help you get in and lock people down.

Assists are (mostly) IMMUNE to the pushback from advance guards and they are IMPERATIVE to help you stay in on your opponent. If you’re using a weak assist that doesn’t lock down much and you’re playing a character that needs to get in to win, expect to find it very hard to actually get in.

First part we’ll go over is the OVERALL GENERAL way you should set up a team. Like essentially what SPOT (1/2/3) they should be on the team. Battery/User/Assist


[details=Spoiler]** In general when making teams just follow the Viscant set up. Battery/User/Assist**

**Battery is just there to build meter and only spend it if absolutely necessary to kill a character. Better to focus on resets to save up meter. User **basically is a secondary character that has powerful meter based options that can help to close up a match if the battery dies. They’ll need a strong assist backing them up so they don’t get advanced guarded down all day and compliment their mix up. Assist guy of course is meant to keep the first 2 characters with the ability to lock people down against advance guards, help fight down fireball wars and generally set up offense or protect the point character. With level 3 XF some characters can be thrown in the back even though their assist isn’t super crazy good since their XF3 is crazy but yeah.

[media=youtube]8fMz3sHNv8Q[/media] <<< WATCH UNTIL ABOUT THE 8:30 mark for video explanation.

Like with my team Dante is battery. I can spend meter if I want but I just focus on using combos that build up 2 meters and then going for a reset and saving it. **If I can I’ll switch in X23 as the User **after the first character dies,who will spend the meter and dirt nap jam session down the second character and XF1 them out of the match so I only have to kill one more person to win.Doom is just shooting lasers as assist and setting up left/right mix ups for Dante and X23 until he comes out on point either with XF3 to do stupid XF3 gimmicks or hopefully X23 will have done enough damage in XF2 that he can land one combo towards the corner and TOD the last guy. Dante DHC’s into X23’s Weapon X Prime from full screen off million dollars and if X23 is up first she can easily land million dollars off either of her supers and Devil Trigger DHC is a save X23 from death after desperation level 1 super mash.

With my new guys team it’s going to be kinda theory ATM. What I would like to have happen is Vergil up first who hopefully works similarly to Dante as battery building up meter forStrange as user who will use it to land multiple spells of Vishantis and store up projectile counter supers. Strange will provide solid assists since all of them seem good. My main assist character will be Strider at the end since I hear the teleport kick assist is retarded since it tracks the opponent no matter where they go. Plus level 3 XF Ouro looks ridonkulous. I hope the DHC synergy with that set up is pretty decent and if not I can try and move it around or just deal with.

Now when it comes to building a team that has assists there’s some general things you should know about what type of character each character is. Essentially what type of offensive or defensive strategies they are going to employ in battle when on point or as assist.

Marvel 3 works a bit differently though where you don’t exactly have to follow the BATTERY/USER/ASSIST formula especially when it comes to the assist spot due to XF3. You could have the character you want to ASSIST second and the character you run last can be a weird take on a USER that uses XF to win the mach back. For example a team of Dante/Magneto/Wesker spots up more like BATTERY/ASSIST/USER since Magneto’s EM disruptor assist is the best overall coverage assist for getting in and mix ups. Wesker on the other hand will just take advantage of being ridiculously hard to deal with in XF3 rather than his solid but not necessarily screen clearing lockdown style assist.

Capcom purposely gives everybody 3 assists but then divides the strengths of the assists with each character.** A lot of characters that are designed to just go in and fuck shit up with crazy mix ups and be strong on point melee style like Wolverine/X23/Zero/Magneto/Trish etc. will be reliant on other characters when on point to complete their offense.**

Some of these characters interestingly enough also work as great anchor characters because they get cheap ass tools with XF or just in general that allow them to cut through a team if they’re behind in the back. Examples of characters like these include Spencer, Dorm and Magneto and to a lesser extent Dr.Doom. They’ll usually also provide a strong assist for the team.

**Then you have your characters that either have such good assist and anchor abilities in XF that they have to go last as a great anchor or they may be terrible for amounting large scale comebacks but have an assist so retarded good that they are labeled as “an assist character”. **Characters that are great comeback anchors and also provide solid to great assists are those that you typically see in tournaments like Sentinel, Akuma and Wesker. I believe Felicia is another character like this but her shitty matchup against any version of Phoenix and general complication of use compared to the other 3 see her with less spotlight as an anchor. Then you have those “assist” characters that generally have to be loaded with assists just to have a fighting chance on point and are generally powerful because the assists they provide for your point protect the point characters from being put in combos even after they got hit. Only 2 characters fit into that last criteria though and will be explained below.

Dr.Doom tends to be mistaken as an “assist” character but he’s actually more like Iron Man in that if you lather him with good assists he becomes a powerful force of a point character just like Magneto, Wesker, Wolverine etc. It’s more like Dr.Doom gets the luxury of being a character that’s great on point with the right assists but also can function as a great assist character since all 3 of his assists are powerhouse assists.

Here’s a list of the characters that specifies whether they are point men, assist providers, anchors or a combination.



**Point Men: They’re gonna tear through a team with the right assists backing them (some needing 2 different assists even to get the most out of). They provide generally shitty assists to clear up space and set up offense for your team outside of maybe one and are best up first or if you have to second. **Their abilities as anchor are either piss poor or could easily be substituted for another strong anchor that provides a better assist for the team. If you notice all 3 characters on your team include these characters you need to change things up and definitely think about a change even if 2 of the 3 include these guys. Some of these characters like Spider Man, Thor or Captain America are missing basic things needed for them to relaunch after throws, or other moves to set up combos that must be covered by assists. Characters like Thor are pretty much reliant on being loaded with at least one powerhouse assist and one OTG assist just so you can get them to move and mix up effectively in the battle (with the benefit of having a ton of health).Point Men include…

Jill, Chris, Zero, Super Skrull, Modok, Chun Li, Viper, Captain America, Thor, Spider Man, V.Joe, Wolverine, X-23, She Hulk

If you haven’t already noticed the only 2 point men that have made a huge splash in majors are She Hulk and Wolverine. This is mainly because they are pretty much the easiest and simplest to build a team around of all the point men and generally have dangerous tools that are easier to put together than the rest of the point men. Maybe in UMVC3 we’ll see more power from the other point men.

**I had a hard time deciding whether or not to put Viper, Chun Li and Super Skrull as point men or not but I think for the most part I think they’re basically point men overall. **

** Viper** has the strength to convert huge damage off of throws in XF3 but pretty much anything she wants to do in XF3 Magneto can do and do it easier. Plus Magneto provides a better overall assist for the first 2 set of characters than any of Viper’s. The only reason to put Viper last IMO would be if she’s providing an OTG for a character that’s totally reliant on her OTG assist to continue damage off of combos. Yet…unlike Wesker her OTG has no real strength in actual battle. Her assists are generally just either for combo extensions or to add mix up factor at close range. They’re not really match controlling assists like Mag’s disruptah.

Chun Li has a great anchor worthy assist with her legs that activates very quickly, has a big hit box, shuts down advance guards for a long period and works well to add damage and meter build to combos. The only issue is that Chun is so poor in her ability to convert to damage and lock people down without assist that it’s not worth the 50 percent speed increase she gets in level 3 XF. Sure you’re running around like an idiot with TOD combos but Chun Li without assists is very easily beating by just air blocking and advance guarding her down till she burns out. None of her throws convert to immediate damage by herself which puts out a big part of her possible flame in XF3. Unless you really want to maximize the strength of this assist you’re mostly wasting Chun’s potential having her as anchor. She would do more damage with level 2 XF and Wesker assist than level 3 XF if you consider what’s best for a competitive situation.

Super Skrull generally just can’t safely apply offense well without assists. He’s another character like X23 that’s almost completely reliant on assists to do like…anything other than run around doing random shit. Which is enough reason to keep him outside of anchor spot. He doesn’t really seem to provide any assists that are so strong for any specific purpose other than combo extensions. He’s like Wesker in XF3 without the safeness so that doesn’t help his cause either.

These style of characters you generally want to make either your first as BATTERY to build meter for the second and 3rd characters. You can also use them second as the USER character that uses the meter from the battery. Some characters like Chris and Chun Li tend to work best as strictly battery for 2 other people and shouldn’t really spend meter unless necessary. Characters like Wolverine and X-23 work well as batteries but can come in also as second with a strong assist to set up their powerful meter based options also. They don’t really provide awesome assists themselves so it would be ideal to place them as batteries but they can work as Users also.



**Assist Providers: Generally only 2 characters fall into this type and you probably know who they are. The mayor and the stuck up mecha girl. **These two characters won placed top 2 or one Evo for a reason. They are terrible point characters and become barely ok to decent even if you put them up first and lather them with assists. Although they aren’t going to Akuma/Sent their way back in XF3 they are the only 2 assists in the game that provide an almost insurmountable protection for your point characters and basically allow them to escape mix ups and combos. **Assist Providers only include… **

***Tron, Haggar ***

These style of characters should pretty much always make up the ASSIST unless you’re trying to do something really crazy. **Funny enough these characters work as solid BATTERY **types especially Tron who can build up crazy meter off any hit so if you wanted to you could make them batteries.

Anchors/Combination characters: This is a broad area of characters that is split into 2 types depending on specifically how strong their assists are for a team, how well they can deal with advance guards without an assist and how strong their comeback is in XF3.

If a character is labeled as (Anchor) that means they provide strong enough features in XF3 and a strong enough assist to make it pretty much IDEAL to keep them in the back should you choose. Yet since unlike Tron/Haggar they are very capable as point characters even with just one real assist you can place them in another spot on your team and choose a different character to anchor. Some of these anchors are better at dealing with advance guards than others,** but the one thing most anchor types have in common is that they are self reliant in landing full combos or generally big damage off ground or air one frame throws.** Which is a big deal for being strong by yourself.

If a character is labeled as (Combination) that means this character can do well in any spot on a team. Most characters like Dante or Doom that are considered combination will generally not get you as strong results when they are by themselves in XF3 as say Wesker, Phoenix or Akuma. Yet, choosing to anchor them they still provide enough power and mix up to solidly take down one or 2 characters if it comes down to it. You’ll just have to make sure your team is strong enough in the first 2 spots so they don’t have to fight down 3 people by themselves all the time. ** Some may be strong at landing damage off throws by themselves and may also be good at dealing with advance guard by themselves. Others may not but still provide enough offensive strength and a decent enough assist to the team to be considered in this spot.**

Note: Some combination type characters like Hulk aren’t bad in a second spot with the right assist but are terrible anchors because of the complete lack of speed boost or anything else worth talking about to put as anchor. These types of combination characters will have this
brought up in their description.

Note 2: When making a team make sure whoever you anchor (whether it’s a straight anchor or combination character) that they provide the best possible assist for your 1st character AND the 2nd character if the first one dies. Like on my team of Dante/X23/Doom, Doom’s plasma beam provides the best possible assist for both Dante and X23.

That way if Dante dies, X23 comes in with the best possible assist of the two (Doom’s plasma beam instead of Dante’s jam session) to amount an offense with since it simultaneously helps her to get in and do mix ups/combos off all of her movement based specials or command grab**. If you have a combination type as your anchor this helps so you can maximize profit with your team and finish the job by turning on XF2 with the second character to run through the rest of the team rather than giving a combination character the burden of fighting 3 characters (a job better suited for a straight anchor).** X23 with a strong assist with XF2 is a much stronger threat than XF3 X23 or even XF3 Dr.Doom. This makes it more practical to do a lot of damage end the team early with XF2 X23 with plasma beam assist and if she somehow doesn’t take down the whole team she should have taken down most of it. Which then Dr.Doom can come in and land one combo and finish up since he has heavy damage combos with meter or if they’re near the corner. If worst comes to worst and X23 dies before turning on XF then Dr.Doom can still take down a character or 2 in XF3.

Another example would be a team of say Taskmaster/Felicia/Dante. If Taskmaster dies, Felicia comes in with the best possible assist for her to help lock people down for her mix up. Unlike X23 she doesn’t need an assist to mix people up. Once she gets in she has more tools than practically anyone in the game to break your guard. She just needs you to sit down long enough for it to happen. XF2 Felicia + Kitty Helper is enough to tear down most of a team since her speed increase and multiple moves that break through advance guard allow her to get in and set up TOD’s off L command grabs, s.L hit confirms that become crazy fast and also set up L command grabs, left/right M cat spike mix ups when you force the opponent to crouch, ground/air throws or off a landed L cat spike to start infinite etc.

These character types work well in pretty much any BATTERY/USER/ASSIST spot depending on what you want to use them for. The only issue would be try not to put a character in the assist slot that doesn’t have a strong assist unless their XF3 game is really good.


Wesker (Anchor): Great point character with the right assists to cover his recovery on his ports or gun to port combinations. Provides one strong assist being an OTG assist for characters like Thor (air throw) or Spider Man (for just about anything he does LOL). Chun Li also is practically married to Wesker’s OTG assist like Spidey. Great abilities as anchor as he has his own mix up without assists and can close the gap easily with XF3 and do death combos.[/details]



Doctor Doom (Combination): Purposely designed to be the most versatile character in the game.Whatever you want Doom to do he can do. You want him to be a Point Man? Learn some execution and lather him up with good assists and he becomes a point character on the level of Magneto or Wesker. You want him to provide you assists? He just happens to be the ONLY character in the game where ALL 3 assists are powerful and useful for different teams. Beam assist great for left right style mix up characters and clears a path for zoners or rushdowns. Molecular shield although slower start up and not as powerful for screen clearing occupies the screen rather nicely once it gets out on screen and still very useful for the left right or high low mix pressure. Hidden Missles is great for characters that need an assist that tracks and locks down characters that move around often so they can continue to lame them effective or set up offense. Definitely my favorite assist character in the game because he’s far from just an assist character.

All of Doom’s assists hide behind the point character also which makes him less susceptible to damage from other assists.


**Dorm (Anchor): Similar to Doom in overall abilities. The main difference between him and Doom is his point game is basically stronger with the right assists or anchored out in XF3, but at the cost of having sub par assists himself to offer to a team outside of one decent one.**His threat as anchor to Dark Phoenix has proven to be rather effective although it’s been a while since his anti Phoenix tactics have seen results in big tourneys.[/details]



Akuma (Anchor): Generally this is a character you want to put towards the back because his tatsu assist is among the best in the game period. It absorbs projectiles once active, activates even faster than Ryu’s and sets up left right mix ups for command dash/teleport characters at an absurdly good level. Not to mention you get all day to hit confirm off this crazy assist and you can true block string it off of a hard normal. His abilities to clear assist and comeback on teams with XF3 is also undeniable. You could put him as first or second and set him up with some assists but that’s wasting the crazy good assist and XF3 abilities.[/details]


Taskmaster (Combination): A character that’s very solid on point with the right assists and does enough damage to blow people up easily without even DHCing into anyone else. Great sword and kick based normals when on point. All of his arrow assists seem to be pretty decent so he’s kinda like another Dr.Doom type where you can get something good out of him no matter where you put him. I wouldn’t rate his assists or mix up overall on the same level as Dr.Doom’s but that’s not the hugest loss. He can definitely chip harder than Doom also. Definitely some scary anchor abilities with nasty XF3 chip and huge damage off any ground or air throw into legion arrows super. Easy to push guard away and run away from without assists though.[/details]


Iron Man (Combination): Another Dr.Doom style versatile character type. His projectile/lame out game is definitely not on the level of Doom’s/Task’s/Dorm’s but he definitely still has some projectiles for people to respect and repulsor blast/spread can catch people off guard.He excels in having long fast ranged invincible air normals that can hit confirm into nasty combos. He also has some of the game’s best assists including a great lockdown beam assist that’s almost as good as Doom’s and a repulsor blast assist that possibly has the LARGEST HIT BOX of any assist in the game. So large that it sets up inescapable Dirt Nap setups for X23 in the corner on incoming characters. Smart bomb assist OTG’s nicely also though not super awesome either.[/details]

[spoiler=TRISH]Trish (Combination): Typical combination type character. Decent but not necessarily super threatning assists. None of her assists are going to turn Wolverine or Captain America into monsters but they’re there to help lockdown. Great point game though that only really needs to be backed with maybe one assist to really get going. Can transition from offense to defense in a flash and can make it really difficult for rushdowns to effectively mount their normal offense. The consensus seems to be that without DHC glitching her damage output is rather sub par but I think her general abilities on point tend to make up.


Dante (Combination): This guy gets the strength of a point character but pretty solid assists to compliment other characters also. He don’t got Akuma tatsu, Sent drones or Doom Beam for assists but the ones he has are decent for different situations. Jam Session helps bring aerial/flight based characters to the ground for ground rushers like Wolverine and Felicia. Weasel Shot sets up left right mix ups and mix up pressure to a decent effectiveness and Crystal is a nice big hit box with decent projectile durability that OTG’s. XF abilities are pretty solid to make him a decent anchor also. You need to pair him up with a good projectile or other direct attacking assist to get the most out of his special moves and teleports. [/details]


Storm (Combination): Another Trish style character. One really solid assist in whirlwind with 2 other sub par ones. Her movement and mix up is probably even faster than Trish’s but is more assist and meter reliant to amount the zoning and spacing that Trish is capable of. Definitely helps to give her a lock down assist or projectile clearing assist to help clear a path for her but if you give her enough meter and put her towards the back of a team her XF hail storm can kill off assists and point characters pretty nicely. One of the characters that interestingly benefits from Morrigan’s harmonizer assist.[/details]


Ammy (Anchor): A really interesting character. Has one really solid lockdown assist with cold star that works well for a lot of characters. Strangely enough she’s such a versatile character on point that she really doesn’t need an assist at all to amount an offense on a fully set up team. She can stop assist when she wants like Storm but rush in like Zero or Magneto when she wants also. It helps to give her an assist on point but she isn’t going to be dying to get through shit without an assist. Doesn’t get any specific benefits in XF to the point where if you have her as anchor you’re probably better off just blowing the meter early at XF2 on someone else. Her ability to tone down other characters’ XF’s and blow them up on welcome/snap backs with her slow mo super is an extremely powerful anchor tool.[/details]


Magneto (Anchor): Funny enough he’s pretty close to being a point man character minus the fact that his EM disruptor assist is a very nice zone based assist and his abilities in XF3 are somehow more absurd than his abilities on point with assists. The other big thing keeping him from being a point man character is that he is completely self reliant on getting full combos after any ground or air throw. Something point men generally have trouble with. His XF3 anchor game isn’t talked about a bunch because he’s so damned good on point with assists but I have a feeling in UMVC3 with his speed nerfs and decent disruptah assist he may be seen more often as anchor. He’ll still have the ability to turn any ground or air throw into a TOD in XF3 which is the most important aspect of being a strong anchor. Especially since he can easily start his own offense without assists any way with the speed boost. Has solid supers for clearing out other assists also. A lot like Wesker which is a character that provides a decent assist but becomes a self sufficient monster as anchor. Obviously his abilities on point at the start of the fight are very strong also especially with DHC glitch. [/details]



Spencer (Anchor): Strange type of anchor. Very powerful on point with the right assists, very powerful as anchor in XF3 also but his assists are very point man like and not necessarily going to win you Evo or anything. Useful for setting up combos or lockdown for random mix ups once in a while but that’s about it. You basically get a character that can be placed anywhere on your team and do well with the issue of not having any serious assists to support the team. Which is still really good as long as someone else fills the assist role. His ability to convert any type of throw air or ground into full combos in XF3 gives him the most powerful tool you need to be a strong anchor.[/details]


Hsien Ko (Combination, 1st/2nd spot only): Another strange combination type but unlike Spencer it’s for all the wrong reasons. Can’t really scare people with her rush or her zone on point and the only decent assist she has needs to be powered up with a super meter just to be decent. Her XF3 with gold armor might take down one character but that’s about it.[/details]


Morrigan (Anchor): Again…another strange combination type. She wouldn’t mind having an assist backing her up on point but she’s not necessarily going to die in every matchup either I would say without super assist backup. Main reason why you wouldn’t want to put her on point though is because her harmonizer assist has very strong uses on specific team setups and generally she’s a meter hog that gets strong benefits as an anchor with XF.[/details]



Felicia (Anchor): You get one really strong assist with her in rolling buckler. Like Sent drones and Captain’s Shield it’s a broken up block string so you can mix up your timing for left right mix ups and she hits low at the end so they have to switch to low block and switch their block in the other direction. The assist has very high priority, activates fast and is tough to beat once its active. Her point abilities are rather reliant on assists and some say even rather reliant on specific anti air based assists like Dante’s Jam Session to keep people grounded against her sub par aerial game. I feel that can be rectified by taking advantage of her 30 percent speed increase and incredible anti advance guard tools in XF2 or just her retarded tools with all of that together plus kitty helper in XF3. Her benefits in XF2 or XF3 completely outweigh struggling for constant reset damage and meter build playing her as a standard XF1 point character. Felicia was practically MADE for XF.

Definitely one of the best anchors in the game even if she still ends up losing to Phoenix pretty free. If you let her get near you when she’s in XF3 you pretty much have to have a safe beam/projectile super to mash on or you’re dead. Which if she kills one character and carries you to the corner when you die every other character after will have to deal with kitty helper based welcome mix ups that pretty much guarantee death since it puts you in the most unblockable situation practically in the game. Her abilities in XF3 may be toned a bit if she loses the L cat spike infinite but still plenty strong enough to have her kill teams.

Definitely also see her air delta kick giving her a buff against airborne runaway characters in XF3 when UMVC3 hits.


Phoenix (Anchor): This shit won Evo. That’s all I’m gonna say. According to Evo she’s also really good in the first or 2nd spot. LOL.[/details]


Sentinel (Anchor): Although he’s typically used as an anchor character for his powerful sent drones assist and ridiculous speed and damage increase the other 2 assists he has aren’t bad either. TOD’s on most average health characters off of ground throw/air throw or command grab towards corner. Rocket punch OTG isn’t bad for characters that need it like Spider Man and the bombs assist I’ve seen Japanese Chris players use to some good effectiveness due to the huge hit box and fast start up for laming out. Doesn’t have much in the way of left right mix ups but people are starting to find some rather solid high low based mix ups with him that can convert into full combos and with the right assists can definitely be a force even first on point.[/details]


Arthur (Combination): Another typical versatile type. Although on point he only ever really does one thing he does it really well especially when combined with other projectile assists to keep the lame and chip going. Even has a shield move that protects him from Wolvie style left right mix ups. Combine that with an assist like Haggar to protect him from the left rights even more and you got a little annoying knight that’s hard to hit. He also provides very solid assists for teams including a dagger assist that gives you the range of a beam assist but with the fast start up of an akuma type assist. Not quite the full screen coverage of a beam but it doesn’t scale and sets up left right mix ups for those tricky point men that can do it really well. Has mythical abilities in XF3 Gold Armor also.[/details]


Hulk (Combination, 1st or 2nd spot only): Another strange combination type. He seems like he has everything he needs to be a great all around. Nearly all of his assists are useful for other characters and can help clear up space, he has a lot of really cheap hit boxes on point and can really lock people down and put on pressure with the right assists. It’s just strangely he gets zero speed boost in level 3 XF making him effectively useless as an XF3 anchor. He needs assists on point to cover his glaring holes in his offense and amount a real rushdown and no speed increase doesn’t help that cause at all.[/details]



Feel free to check the Dormammu thread for a listing of every assist and what I have found with them so far. It’s not an easy task…

I have an article written up about team building, but I haven’t heard back from IPW about it yet.

I think you should consider changing this one.

Wouldn’t it also be useful to rank the assists in order? Let’s say you rank assists in three ways: One ranking exclusively consisting of Tron/Haggar/Akuma/Sent (the Elite Four). Then a ranking for the top-high tier characters and their top-high tier assists. Then a rank consisting of the characters with a decent assist but are usually regarded as mid to bottom tier characters. Should you really be listing stuff like Cap’s Shield Slash in the same list as assists like Task Arrows or Doom Plasma? This might be confusing to new players who want to be competitive but have trouble with their team.

If you rank assists beforehand, then you can show for each character what would be a good choice in each of the three ranks.

As an example, your X-23 list would look like this:
**Elite Four: **Sent Drones/Akuma Tatsu/Tron Fire
**Top-High: **Doom Plasma/Taskmaster Horizontal/Iron Man Uni-beam/Dormammu Dark Hole/Wesker Gunshot
Mid-bottom: Chun-li Legs/Ryu Tatsu/Cap Shield Slash

I’d distinguish the Elite Four because those characters will practically always be put in the third spot and used purely as an assist character, where a Top-High tier character is more useful to put in the second slot.

EDIT: Also, it’d be wise to focus first on filling in which assists are good for which character and then start filling in how reliant characters are on assists, because the second one is a lot harder to figure out. You’ll probably end up having your thread drown in posts like “Noooo my main is more reliant on assists”.

Although I agree
they like playing with the characters they know and love…
they aren’t just tryin to find charters that are “cheap”/broken

but yeah, they need bett suited assists :smiley:

shuma: heavily reliant
heavily reliant
moderate with meter , poor without meter

I’ve seen Ammy do too well in the back to say anything other than her being a solid anchor but if enough people say otherwise I’ll reconsider.

Any time I think about it, she seems like a terrible anchor. But your right, her performance as last man standing is always much, much better than I expect, to the point she actually does seem to be a solid anchor. Just try to blow XF before it’s Ammy with XF3. Her level 3 bonus is far too weak to justify holding it to level 3 if you have any choice in the matter.

I agree that she’s solid at anchor/XF3, but not on the same level as Wesker/Akuma/Mags.

Shuma is actually not that terrible of an anchor. It’s probably the best spot for him. The problem is the fact that he has so many bad matchups. For example, if the dude has akuma as his level 3 person, shuma is fked. Akuma can literally just spam tatsu, and Shuma cannot approach him from any angle. Every single mystic smash can be punished with a tatsu into beam or just a beam. He also has trouble against some of the other great anchors like wesker and dormammu, but he is great against sentinel. If dormammu puts down a flame carpet, he will never get in. If wesker takes the skies and spams gun, shuma will get desperate and start using mystic smash, which wesker can easily use the counter against. What makes him so dangerous as an anchor is the fact that you get his assist, he can chip people out with his balls super, chaos dimension, and the biggest advantage of them all: he can actually combo out of his standing medium and heavy mystic smash with xfactor. Normally, if you get hit by a standing medium or heavy mystic smash, he cannot combo out of it, but with xfactor he has very dangerous mixups with the standing heavy and medium mystic smashes and he can completely negate push block doing this. He also gains a crapton of speed and damage. I would say he is a good anchor but not amazing because of his many bad matchups and the fact that he has no punishing super like all of the other great anchors do. ie. chaotic flame, shink hadouken, akuma beam, hyper sodium force+hardrive

So moderate is right. His balls hyper is just to punishable and travels too slowly horrizontally enemy can super jump in reacton to it (then fly over and punish if possible) or counter hyper quick enough.
Since shuma has so many bad matchups he is certinally not solid. Even though he is “fast” he still cant touch fast flyers.His poor wavedash and air dash limit his speed as well. And a good flyer like magento or Str0m will just fly away and lame out the xfactor. He is certainly not going to be catching them without xfactor…

Reliance on assists on point without XF: Heavily reliant
Reliance on assists with XF2: Heavily reliant.
Anchor/XF3 capabilities: Very poor.

Distance closing assists: Akuma(Tatsumaki Zankukyaku), Magneto(EM.Estaka), Dr.Doom(Plasma Beam), Ironman(Unibeam), Sentinel(Either Drones), Taskmaster(Horizontal Arrows.)
Assists for Lockdown(Focus attack unblockable setups): Amaterasu(Cold Star), Chun-Li(Hyakuretsukyaku), Dante(Jam Session), Sentinel(Charge drones)

People think that Viper is better off on 2nd or anchor position, which isn’t true. Viper’s dependence on assists vastly outweighs her dependence on meter. Viper has for the most part pretty mediocre normals and is reliant on high/low mixups and unblockable setups with focus attack.

I disagree, part of what makes a good anchor is the ability to either deal good amounts of chip or open an enemy up. Taskmaster really doesn’t have either of these things going for him.

You don’t think Taskmaster deals good chip :eek:?

It’s funny you decided to make this thread. I’ve been running Dante/Ammy/Task for a while now and EVO made me realize just how much better this team would be if I swapped either ammy or task with a better assist character. Task is a great anchor in my opinion, but he really wasn’t doing much for my team assist wise.

Good Assists for Shuma gorath with pretty colors to match the characters included:

Akuma:tatsu (this assist is useful in so many ways. It’s one of the few assists that you can add in shuma’s mid screen combos to juggle them into hyper mystic smash as shuma heavily struggles to incorporate hypers into his combos outside of the corner. It also allows him to extend combos by calling in this assist then using jump s to otg as well as easy hit confirm out of the assist with standing heavy aka tentacle rape. Whats great about this assist as well is the fact that you can actually get an easy mystic stare while the person is being juggled as it’s extremely difficult to land a mystic stare combo out of a crouching heavy in a real game.Overall, if you want to play shuma on point, akuma is probably his strongest assist.

Iron Man:Unibeam(this assist is just so amazing for shuma because it locks the person in place allowing you to cross them up with medium mystic smash, and it helps him approach as shuma has a weak approach, especially without assists)

Doctor Doom:Plasma Beam ^same as above

Tron: gustaff fire (this assist is great for any character… shuma is no exception)

Sentinel: Drones [charge] (these are nice for shuma as well because they add a solid approach, but they are dangerous to use with shuma because its easy for sentinel to get caught, and shuma has very weak punishing potential due to the long startup and travel time of both his hypers and the fact that none of his moves have high priority)

Amaterasu: Cold star (great for approach and locking the person in place… allowing you to transition from high to low with crouching mediums and tiger knee light mystic smashes as well as crossing people up as it locks them in place. Also great for extending mid screen combos into hypers and comboing out of jump s otg with the assist out)

Chun Li: Hysakrkrkekrkwkrewr (I would not recommend lightning legs as it’s not a very safe assist and shuma is not good as saving his assists, similar to sentinel drones.)

His chip damage is alright, but unless you’re point blank you’re not going to get much chip off Legion arrow, and regular arrows are pretty easy to dodge.