Need this seimitsu mounting plate (pics)

I need two of them. Anybody have any for sell or know where I can get them?

I think you’re outta luck finding those.

I got the astro panel that came from the sega saturn stick and it uses the same mounting plates.
I think I remember reading that those panels were the only ones that came with those style mounting plates.

So unless someone with the same panel wants to switch to Sanwa, I doubt you’re going to find any for sale.
Hopefully someone will prove me wrong though.

So my only option is to get a sanwa mounting plate and get sanwa sticks? I see sanwa mounting plates exactly like that sold at lizard lick but I like seimitsu sticks better.

I might just buy the sanwa version and drill holes :frowning:

Well, what kind of panel or stick are you trying to get a Seimitsu into?

If you can mount a seimitsu in there, but it sits too short, you could just buy a shaft extender.

A super neo 29, and a shaft extender won’t help, my seimitsu has these mounting plates:

I think they are the S mounting plates found on the ls-32-01 or the sanwa versions also. has them in stock.

Mountingplate: NA Seimitsu

Mountingplate: SS Seimitsu

Mountingplate: JLF-P-1S Sanwa

Thanks bro, I looked on akihabara shop and yeah I’m not interested in getting something shipped from japan again. Last time I used them it took like 2 and a half weeks to get here.

I just said f-it and bought a sanwa mounting plat from lizard lick and I’m just going to drill holes.

I think you could’ve gotten a RE mounting plate and a shaft extender instead.
But the shaft extender isn’t sold in any US site I know, so I guess you’re better off drilling the sanwa mounting plate.

Here’s the RE mounting plate, by the way.
Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate