Need those small MvC2 icons


Hey guys, I did a search but I can’t find any. I hope you all know what I’m talking about. They were small icons of MvC2 charas doing combos or special moves. Any help would be appreciated.


nearly impossible to find, and im pretty sure you mean these ones right.




Nope, but thanks anyways. The dude below has the ones I mean.




looking for a strider one, King.


i’ll see


EwaShock site has all those. He used to have a thread in this section.


Oooh the icons are getting attention again! :smiley: I might start working on some more, but I need some requests.



=O Oh oh…if the frames would fit, how about Axl’s instant kill? =)

If not, maybe his counter?


How does the instant kill go? and what game is it from?



From GG:XX. It’s where he has the chains surrounding him, then they knock the opponent in the air.

His counter he whips his chain out, and drops his bandana over their head and runs past and hits them.


Can you get me a video clip of it? I’ll make it tonight.



Don’t have it at the moment, but i’ll try to find someone that does.


if you don’t find one by tomorrow, tell me… i’ll host it up on my site…

it’s not the best of quality, but since he’s not ripping anything, he can still see what’s going on


boom…there yah go, it’s kinda weak, since i had to do the command, then pick up the camera, but u can still pretty much see what’s going on

EDIT2: it’s 12:39 EST right now…it should be done about 1 pm uploading. i have a slow upload speed. it’s 14MB


Sweet, thanks bro.


Alright I’m going to work on it now, I’ll post it in my other thread when it’s done:

Thanks for the video hadoken king

Edit: After watching the video, I can make out what is going on, but not in enough detail, I can see the scythes or whatever he is using going across the screen and making a fence of sorts, but it’s too dark to tell exactly what is going on, I can still use this video however if it’s just explain what they are doing, are they forming a grid across the whole screen?



Yeah, pretty much, one half of his weapons will fly in from off screen, then the other half will fly in from the opposite, knocking the opponent farther into the air until it ends.


A there’s pretty much a horizontal grid of chain or something covering the screen?



Well, they angle upwards a bit, but yeah.